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Mother Nature is mocking me!

Raining Cats 'n Dogs

Raining Cats ‘n Dogs

Seriously? I announce to all and sundry that I have challenged myself to not only write one post per day for 7 days but that I will run/cycle/run… this week as well and this is what I get? Raining cats and dogs? So not fair and so puts a damper (sorry, couldn’t help myself!) on my plans… I am very sorry, but I am so not that type of runner/cycler! I do not understand the whys or wherewithals of wanting to go out and face the elements when all they want to do is drench you and give you pneumonia. Granted, it is August and not that cold but still. I just don’t feel the pull.

That said, I could have, of course, gotten dressed, made my way down to the basement and either gotten my butt onto the treadmill or plopped in a workout DVD and started moving but I allowed myself to be seduced by warm covers and an extra 45 minutes of sleep. I am weak.

And sleep I did because next thing I knew, alarm number two went off and I was obliged to haul ass into the shower to start my day. And, as I made my 13 minute drive to work, the closer I got, the less it rained. By 7:30, this is what I see!

No more rain

No more rain

Really? Really?

So, as a result of my not having done what I said I would do, regardless of my personal wussiness, I pledge to risk total mockery and ridicule by lunging up and down the hallways whenever I have the chance… Ok, maybe not. How about I’ll do squats and push-ups in my office? I have to do something to make up for it, don’t I?

I know! I’ve got it! As I am off to meet a girlfriend for supper after work (yes, wine will definitely be included), I’ll just park farther away from her house so that I have to walk to and from! Not quite the same level of workout but better than nada, dontcha think?

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is mocking me!

    • Yes indeed it could. And truthfully, I was actually willing to do the bike ride in the rain… I’m totally blaming my partner in crime for this one! After all, it was to encourage him that I took up this challenge in the first place!


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