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No Excuses

Boy oh boy was I happy to see a dry road this morning! No excuses, no reason, we were ON!

I ended up not going to karate last night because, as the day went on, my neck got stiffer and stiffer. By the time it was time to leave, I had decided to stay home, wrap a Magic Bag around my neck and just relax.

Couldn’t understand it. Couldn’t figure out what I had done to deserve it. Then it came to me. The night before when I went out with my friend, I must have unwittingly been sitting beneath an air-conditioning vent. It couldn’t have been that strong as I don’t remember feeling a draft. And I doubt our short walk back to her place and my car would have been enough to “catch cold”. Or could it? It was colder than I liked, especially as I was wearing just a t-shirt and skirt.

And to think I had mocked her for putting on a scarf and jacket before leaving – on such a mild evenining…

Guess what I am wearing today??? Yes, a lovely scarf. Sometimes it pays to accessorise!

It would have been easy to roll over this morning and go back to sleep, claiming a sore neck. I almost did it, too. Excuses are always around, aren’t they? All we have to do is pick one. We can easily rationalise this or that excuse for just about anything. It’s only self-sabotage and I’m done with that whole scene! Been self-sabotaging for eons and I no longer want to. If I choose to do or not do something, I will own it.

Up and at ’em and on with it.

I truly have to invest in a new bike seat. Nice bike, rides OK but the seat? It is just evil. No one’s ass could ever be comfortable on it and I mean no one! No matter what size! Friends and family have looked at it leerily and asked me if I happened to be into S&M – mostly the M-part! And no, I totally am not (regardless of how much I, sheepishly, admit to having enjoyed reading the Fifty Shades trio… – Hey! I’m owning it (see above) -it’s harmless to read mindless stuff once in a while! You know, the no-brain-required kind.)



Just look at it! Even with an added suposedly “cushy seat cover”, it still looks like a torture device! My buttocks can attest to it being one. Since I do plan to keep on riding as long as the temperature allows, then I will have to either a) toughen up my tush or, preferably, b) purchase a new seat that will cushie my tushie instead!

We did a nice 14 km on our first shot which took almost 40 minutes. Yikes! Shortens my primping time by 10 minutes – thank goodness I am low-maintenance and not into the whole styling of the hair and gobs of make-up thing – just a touch of blush and mascara and that’s it! I can be in and out of the shower, dried and dressed, in 10 minutes!

Made my lunch (heaven forbid I make it the night before so that I don’t have to stress in the morning – but I’ll save that story for another post!) and was out the door by 6:20.

Woot! So satisfying to do what I said I was going to do…. Now, just need to pop a couple of Advils and continue with my day….

Oooohhh, how serendipitous that “I will keep moving” is one of their taglines….


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