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Nothing Wrong With a Little Me Time

Do you ever have those days where you just want to get away from it all and have some “Me-time”? Happened to me yesterday. It is a very rare thing for me as I am a total social butterfly and the more people, the more going on, the more I’m happy.

Rather suddenly, I just didn’t want to be where I was (work) and even though I had taken the care to make myself a nice healthy lunch – quickly, if you recall! – I just needed to step away.

It’s weird that I would want to get away to be alone when, where I work is about as lively as a morgue – everyone in their own little corner, those who have offices often have their door closed, doing their little thing; no interactions, no laughter, no nothing! Pretty much alone in a group. There is no life here!

I guess I just needed to “change the air” so to speak! By taking myself out for lunch, I was choosing to be alone in a different, desired setting. And, not wanting to risk anyone trying to latch on, I just slipped out, incognito…


The sun was shining and, since the days are getting shorter and shorter and the opportunities to sit outside will become fewer and fewer, I elected to take advantage of the terrasse. Here in Montreal, we are die-hard terrasse people so they stay open all as long as the weather permits, all the way until October sometimes – especially when they have those propane heaters…

It was a bit windy but I still figured it would be better out than in (noisy, too cold, air-conditioned). I even decided to just enjoy my meal and not keep myself occupied with a book (though I had brought one).

Why is it so difficult to sit by oneself and just enjoy? I very rarely see a person sitting alone who does not have a tablet, book, newspaper or cellphone to keep them company (or should I say “busy”). How are you supposed to really enjoy your meal when you are not paying attention to what you are eating? Takes all the joy out of it for me as eating is not just a means to get fuel. It’s a sensory experience! Eyes, nose, mouth; all are involved! Not to mention it being a golden opportunity to people watch!

This place we go to has an official name: Restaurant Royaume d’Angkor but we who frequent it regularly call it “La Petite Maison Jaune” (The Little Yellow House). I don’t go often enough so I always order the same thing! (Like Miranda on Sex and the City) I start off with a Thai soup which has just the right blend of coconut, spices, noodles… I swear, one day I’m going to order just a huge bowl of that and nothing else! I followed it with The Number. 21, the “Crevettes Sel & Poivre” (Salt & Pepper Shrimp). I cannot tell you why they call it that at all. There’s no real sign of salt & pepper! The shrimp are very lightly breaded and cooked to perfection and tossed with a delicious mix of onions, green onions, red bell peppers, finelly sliced ginger, garlic, chili all coming together in perfect harmony. On the side, they serve steamed rice and a fried spring roll with just bit of salad. Delish.



For some reason, the fact that I was served cold rice didn’t really overly bother me. A sign I was overall content with my company. Not that I could complain – the waiter never came back! I waited for a bit, shrugged and just ate it. Since the stir-fry was so spicy (we’re talking Clear-the-Sinuses-Spicy) it just cooled of my mouth anyway.

A most enjoyable time spent with myself. I highly recommend it!

4 thoughts on “Nothing Wrong With a Little Me Time

  1. Love taking myself out to lunch! My treat to myself to get out of the house as I work from home. Sometimes I end up working from wherever I choose to go eat though, so this is a lovely reminder to take actual me-time, not just pretend!

    Hope you make a habit of it, Dale!


  2. Hi Dale and thanks for a wonderful post!

    I also wrote a blog post the other day on the value of Me time and your post makes a nice complement to what I wrote 🙂

    And like you, I truly enjoy my own company whether at home or at a favorite restaurant. AND the similarities don’t end there, I also love people watching and can’t help but wonder what each of their stories would read like were they to write a book about their lives. Silly maybe, but hey, that’s me 🙂

    Take care Dale and thanks again for an enjoyable read, Ia m off to read more of your blog. All the best.



    • Thanks Lyle! So rewarding to know that my words are being read and enjoyed! Kind of a confirmation, if you will! I’m going to go right now and check out your post!

      Oh! I love to make up stories of those I watch so no, definitely not silly!

      Have a most wonderful day!



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