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Day 7 (with a little cheat!)

OK – so in order to achieve my goal of one blog per day over seven days, I had to cheat! So sorry, but I’m posting twice today!!

Last night we had friends over for dinner. I think my most favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is to cook and entertain. Can one make a living doing this? I must figure out a way!

My sister had ordered a cake for her mother-in-law’s 70th birthday party, to be held on Sunday so I had to bake the cake the day before. The added bonus was that I doubled up the recipe, giving me enough batter to make a mini cake for my guests!

This was the final result for my sister.


My youngest has been hounding us to cook on the stone for weeks so what better occasion than when his god-father is invited. Happy days! (he’s also been complaining about not seeing his god-father so two birds!)

Now you’d think that the fact everyone will basically be cooking their own food, I’ve not much to do. So NOT the case! There are groceries to purchase (those last minute items…)! There are meats to marinate! Salad dressings to create! Shrimp to peel! Soups to make (‘coz hubby saw the leeks and got excited, assuming he’d be getting cream of leek)! Veggies to prep! Ravioli to pre-cook and marinara sauce to make! Dessert to finish! And somewhere in that cooking spree, time to find to take a shower before the guests arrive. (Somehow this always gets done at the way last minute….)

Needless to say, as per usual, there was way too much food. I was once accused of lacking confidence in myself because I have way to much in fear of not having enough! I personally think I’m an Italian mama wannabe! The worst thing that could happen to me would be to not have enough. Oh the horror!!! Not something that would ever happen! And no one will ever have to stop off at McDonald’s on their way home either! 😉

We chose to eat outside even though it’s now late summer and the sun goes down a lot earlier. By the time we finally started eating it was getting dark. No matter, it was so mild, we just added candles! Plus we had a nice fire going in the firepit!

First course was the creamless Vichyssoise – I was very pleased with the result and can only hope I’ll be able to reproduce it! Why creamless? To make a healthier recipe, you think? Nope! I didn’t have enough cream (it was all for the cake) and there was no way in hell I was going back to the store!

Once the stones were hot, Mister cooked the lamb chops and I brought out all the prepared goodies: cheeses for the raclette, shrimp, salmon, teriyaki chicken, marinated filet mignon, raviolis and marinara, strawberry-spinach salad….

Bread! Forgot to buy good crusty bread! Dammit! Thank goodness I always have those frozen baguettines from Costco in my freezer! A mere eight minutes to cook – not as good as fresh baguette but will do in a pinch!

As we were cooking our meats and raviolis, I suggested I take out the taters and carrots and was met with a: “There’s no room on the table!” and “Who needs veg!” So sadly they remained there abandoned and unwanted…. To be ingested another day!

Once we were good and stuffed and feeling a tad tipsy after three bottles of wine, I went to finish my cake…. Hmmm, let’s just say I’ve made prettier ones!!!


Another great evening spent with friends and family. Now to plan the next one…

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  1. I did indeed! Thanks! (tasted pretty good, too, if I say somyself!)

    Now a friend challenged me to Double or quit so…. I doubled! New post coming soon….


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