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Let the De-Cluttering Begin!

You can’t turn in any direction without being told to DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER!!! I’m starting to think that maybe there is a reason for that. Whether you want to Get Rich, Lucky Bitch; find true love; find your true calling; or whatever book you are reading now to help you obtain what you want; for sure there is a chapter on de-cluttering! There must be something to this besides streamlining your shelves.

A cluttered closet/house/garden will apparently hinder you from a) getting more money, b) finding your true passion, c) finding x-y-z! Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

Well why not? Why not put everything in my favour? It sure as hell can’t hurt and will benefit my whole family in the long run… less things to trip over, less “Mooo-ooom, where is my _____?” and maybe just maybe I’ll find that bottle of hoisin sauce I KNOW I bought?

I decided to start with part of the garden… They were calling for rain later on in the day so I figured I’d be forced to stop before putting my back out! Besides, I have to take advantage of the clement weather when possible – we can always do the inside when it’s yucky outside anyway!

It was a comfy 22 C (about 72 F) without being too muggy. There weren’t too many skeeters out trying to eat me alive, so that was good!

It was so nice and quiet. A perfect time to meditate while pulling weeds and dead-heading the yellow, orange ad reddish “pom-poms” as we used to call them when we were kids. (Suffering from a major brain fart and cannot for the life of me recall what they are called!

I could just hear Dad telling me to dead-head the flowers so that the will produce more. He showed me how to remove the dead flowers by just snapping them off. Pretty much every summer it was my job to plant them around the pool. And to think I used to hate them. They are not the prettiest of flowers and they sure as hell do NOT smell nice!

. It is kind of ironic that I now choose to plant them! They apparently ward off bugs! Looking at the state of my garden right now, I’d say they are the ONLY things not totally eaten up by the bugs, slugs and other ughs!

I got a chance to clean up a good section before the rain came down… Looking good!


The boys are still on summer vacation time so getting them to crawl out of bed before 9:00 is quite the feat! Of course, enticing them with some home-made strawberry waffles made the task just that much easier!

Have I done any other de-cluttering today? Well. No. Dishes, lunches, physiotherapy (for my bum shoulder – that’s for another story!), Kumon, back at home and off to see the Alouettes (Montreal Football Team) try not to get their butts whupped in the rain!

Tomorrow IS another day!

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