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Holy Mother of…..!

Labour Day Week-end.

It’s usually the last camping week-end of our summer. (If we’re lucky, and our overbooked schedules permit it, we’ll have another before packing the whole trailer up till we leave for Christmas in Florida.)

My sister is our organiser. She’ll suggest a place, we’ll concur, and she’ll look into it and book it. I know deep-down she loves doing it, whereas I, frankly, could do without the whole “shopping-for-a-campsite-thing”! Just tell me where we’re going, how much and I’m there!

We had originally planned on camping in the vicinity of Mount Washington (so we could hike it) but a few weeks before, Sister-Dear fell and ripped a tendon around her knee. Mount Washington was totally out of the picture. She then came up with the idea of camping in the Lake Placid area and, if all was good, we could hike up Whiteface – because it’s not “that bad”. “What about your knee” I ask? “I’ve got a brace and if I have to, I’ll just turn around” she retorts. Alrighty then. Let’s do this!

So she and my hubby decide to leave Thursday noonish to go set up camp so that when my brother-in-law and his kids and I with my kids show up on Friday, there will be nothing to do. Sounds like a plan!! I picked up my kids at 3:30 pm from school and off we went. It’s a 2 hour or so drive (if the border is not too bad) so we will definitely arrive before dusk. Yes! The others finish school an hour later so they got the brunt of the long week-end traffic and showed up a few hours later. No matter, we were all relaxed and had decided to have a spaghetti night to keep it simple. Just heat and serve!

The weather forecast was for more of a chance of rain on Saturday than on Sunday so we decided to put off the hike until Sunday and took a few hours to visit the Olympic Village of Lake Placid. We were lucky and did not get any rain. Kids, dogs, adults were all sharing the sidewalks and it turned out to be a lovely day!

That night it was hubby’s fabulous burgers and we had discovered that the campsite’s general store and an amazing assortment of beers so the guys bought these ones:


and we decided to have a beer tasting! Fun stuff.

Sunday morning, we set our alarms for 6:45 am (whoa!) as we wanted to have a good hearty breakfast to give us the needed energy for our trek and I wanted to make us a lunch.

We drove to the base of the mountain to the start of the trail and away we went. By 8:30 am, we were officially on the trail and had signed the registry book.


And go. And climb. And go some more.

We encounter a hiker on his way down and ask him how much further. He says, “You’ve done about one-third.” ONE-THIRD??? Is he for real?

This hike is not an easy one. It is no walk in the park!


So we go some more. And take a break. And have a banana. And go some more. Take another break. Eat an apple. Go some more. Jeez Louise!!! Will we ever reach the top?


Yes, yes we did! Holy Mother of…! What a climb!

We ate our sandwiches. My sons complained that there wasn’t enough so we attempted to purchase a snack in the “castle”. Humph! Service was terrible, the line-ups atrocious and as if that weren’t bad enough, the cashier up and quit his job just as my sister was to be served! 45 minutes to get a few cookies, bottles of chocolate milk and whatever other snacks were available! Bah!

So now. We have to get back down. By foot. We (the adults) came to the conclusion that going down is not so fun. We were fed up of the rocks and roots and branches – each one just doing its best to trip us.

Happily we all – adults, kids and dogs – made it back safely, without any injuries by 5:30 pm…

In all, we had walked about 27 km, done 32,000+ steps and burnt about 2000 calories (according to hubby’s phone app). We deserved our fondue and wine, that’s for sure!

But not before the stink was washed off ALL of us!!!


It is now Tuesday and I am still feeling that I have been re-acquainted with certain muscles! There is definitely a feeling of satisfaction that we did do it.

We have laboured well!

Now, back to reality and some routine!

3 thoughts on “Holy Mother of…..!

    • They did indeed! For some strange reason, they were not in the mood to play with each other that evening! Mine (the German Shepard) is still on slo-mo!


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