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The Chair

A lovely blogger from Ireland asked me if I’d like to collaborate with him; i.e. his photo, my words and my photo, his words.

The following is my attempt to do justice to Meticulous Mick’s lovely photo.



The Chair

Old, decrepit, cast aside

No longer useful, no longer required

Ready for garbage, yet not curbside…

Could it be, I’m still desired?


The ground upon which I rest

Most certainly not fit for company

However, I’ve truly done my best 

Will there be one or many?


Forget it! I’m old and fraught

With danger to an inattentive soul

‘Twas nothing more than a fleeting thought

I no longer have a role





13 thoughts on “The Chair

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  2. Beautiful writing and photo, Dale and Mick.

    I loved many of the lines, but this one really struck me:

    “Could it be I’m still desired?” It reminds me of the inevitability of aging – the wrinkles (laugh lines, hopefully!), the discolored spots, the sagging. We can see them as ugly or beautiful – our choice. And so I see this chair as not yet discarded. In fact, someone has taken great pains to put blocks underneath the legs to balance it. I see an old man resting after a long day’s work, smoking a pipe, perhaps, and gazing upon his fields where cattle used to graze and children play.

    Thank you for teaming up to bring this to us!


    • Thank YOU Tammy! I admit to feeling a tad daunted at doing justice to MM’s fabulous photo. His photos are just breath-taking!

      That is exactly what I was trying to convey!


    • Thank you, kind sir! (‘coz I know it’s you CJ!!!) Poetry was never my “thing” so deciding to try it with such a fabulous photo was definitely a “push-yourself-moment” for me!


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