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Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

A nice selection of apples

A nice selection of apples

One last blast. Must get “rid” of these apples before the fruit flies invade my home! I’ve got the juice extracted to make a couple batches of jelly, a pot on already the stove cooking down to make apple butter, another about to go on to make a batch of apple sauce and now will start on some apple crisp and maple-apple muffins. It already smells wonderful in here!

For breakfast, I made the boys some apple crêpes. They passed muster!
2013-08-28 10.57.55

Hmmmm… now what else shall I make?

10 thoughts on “Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

  1. I finished cooking and baking all my apples this week, but reading you makes me feel like going apple picking all over again! Need to try your maple/apple muffins, great combo!

  2. “Hmmmm… now what else shall I make?” – How about a delicious Apple Crisp or Cobbler? One of my all time fave deserts 🙂

    The crepes looked yummy by the way and I’m sure your boys gobbled them down in no time!

  3. Absolutely! I made apple crisp last night (almost already all gone!)

    And I’m not a pancake-girl; I always make crêpes…. delish for sure!

    Thanks for posting and have an excellent day!

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