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Another Apple Story…

I returned to my friend’s gorgeous apple orchard Le Verger des Dix-Terres to help him pick the last batch of apples. He had about a dozen or so trees to liberate. What a glorious day to do so! Just the right amount of heat, the sun kept peaking in and out of the clouds, and, even though the clouds decided to “share” their bounty, in reality, it barely misted us.

Most of the orchard had been cleared out: Flemish Beauty pears, Cortland, Redcort and Spartan apples. What was left were the Liberty apples and a few trees holding onto the most delicious, juicy, crunchy and sweet Honey Crisp Apples!

Verger des Dix-Terres

Verger des Dix-Terres

We worked for a good couple of hours before being treated to David’s most excellent burgers. Energy replenished, we went back to work for another three hours or so.

Iain working hard

Iain working hard

I must agree with hubby – one must have utmost respect for farmers of all kinds. They work their butts off! Those baskets we used to pick become quite heavy – especially when you are on your tenth one! I knew I would be feeling it the next day in my shoulders and upper back. I even ended up with small bruises on my thighs from resting on the ladder as I reached ever deeper into the branches.

In payment, we were given oodles and oodles of apples! Here comes more jelly!!!

2 thoughts on “Another Apple Story…

  1. “He had about a dozen or so trees to liberate.” I love that line, Dale. Oh, I have the utmost respect for farmers. My father grew up on a farm, so I have all of the stories of the work, work, and more work.

    Oh I do miss fall in the northeast. We used to go apple picking a lot when I was a wee one. Shine them on your shirt and munch away!


    • Heh! Heh! Got that from friends of mine… We’d go visit them in London, Ontario, and after a few drinkie winkies (too many to be reasonable), late at night, we would “liberate” some plants for his garden. Please note, they WERE from an empty house!

      There are definite advantages to living in the East. That said, I’ll think of you when I’m under six feet of snow this winter!


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