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Holy Windy Day, Batman!

Zeke has come to realize that having me home full-time is a great deal for him. He has figured out that he gets good 45-60 minute walks with me so he lies there, moaning and groaning to get my attention. It’s like he’s telling me: “Leave the blasted apples alone and show me some love! The jelly can wait – I can’t!”

Having done my first Be Fit class (a totally less psycho version of Cross Fit) on Tuesday and planning on doing an hour of karate at noon – despite having re-discovered my quads and glutes – I wasn’t going to go back out there for a super long walk – run – walk…. Zeke won. But I lie, it was more of a walk – walk – walk – sorta run – walk – walk – trot – walk… you get the picture!

Off we went towards a new adventure. Holy windy day, Batman! I thought I was going to end up in Kansas!

Windy Day

On our way back, I stopped off at my favourite garden to re-take pictures (last time they were washed out as it was just too sunny!) The woman who created it told me that back in ’98, the year of the infamous ice storm, everything was pretty much destroyed. Sure doesn’t show now!

My Favourite Garden

Just before noon it was off to the dojo for karate! Then, and only then, will I be able to replenish my energy! Luckily for me, I was able to nuke myself a lovely lunch of re-heated lamb chops, taters and string beans…

11 thoughts on “Holy Windy Day, Batman!

  1. What a day, Dale! It sounds delightful, even if the sheer amount of exercise makes MY butt sore! πŸ˜‰

    Today we didn’t set the timer for our walk, so I felt like I could stop and chat with two squirrels on a lawn which is just what I did. One of them actually appeared to be listening to me as I chatted with him – until his friend chased him up and around the tree.

    Hope you enjoyed every minute of it!


    • It was, thanks. Jeez! You guys walk FIVE MILES A DAY, plus you do weights, right? That’s pretty impressive, if you ask me! I have just begun to be able to go down the stairs without grimacing with each step.

      I like that you stop to chat with the squirrels once in a while. It’s nice to not be on a timer, isn’t it? Today I walked for a couple of hours with my sister and our dogs. Great fun was had for all!

      Have a most wonderful week-end!


      • Hi Dale! Yes, we do, but you could kick our butts. We are under no illusions about that! πŸ™‚

        Thank you for the great wishes. It looks to be the perfect weather weekend. After horrid heat for waaaay too long, I am going to savor every moment.


        • Ha ha… please, you should have seen me huffing and puffing like an old lady during yesterday’s class! Plus, we were only two in the class (almost a private lesson!) so we couldn’t fake it… We’ll talk in about 3 months…. I’ll supposedly be in shape by then (and with a little extra care, 20 lbs lighter too!)


  2. I love the photo of Zeke’s fur blowing in the gust of wind! My dog Delilah is the same way with the long walks–she really is so spoiled having me home with her. But, it works out for both of us–now I don’t have to do extra exercising because four long, brisk walks a day is plenty for me!


    • Zeke is totally getting spoiled! Now in the morning, as soon as I sit on the couch with my coffee, thinking I’ll get a chance to read my newspaper, he sidles up beside me, “sings” a hello and lets me know that really, I would so much prefer to spend an hour with him outside on a nice walk! He is so loving my not working too!!


  3. Hi! Joy (Joyfully Green) just told me about your blog, and I’m glad she did! πŸ™‚

    Your pics reminded me of autumns back up north, where I spent the first 35 years of my life! (We moved south three months ago) We’ve got the wind, but we’re still taking walks in shorts, most days. Certainly doesn’t feel like it’s almost Halloween…

    Beautiful pictures, and good for you for getting so much exercise. You’re so ambitious! Could you send a bit of that energy south, for me to borrow?


    • Well hello! I found YOUR blog through “The Great Jollyhoombah”! I had read a few of your posts and enjoyed them as well. So now I’ve finally clicked on the “Follow” button so I don’t miss any more of your wonderful posts!

      My father was a sailor as well and I truly believe he was happiest when he was on Footloose, with the wind in her sails. I was so saddened when circumstances caused him to sell her. You’ve just brought back a slew of memories, so thanks!

      And thanks for the compliments on the pictures (not bad with an iPhone, eh?) Consider some of the energy sent to you, down south (what area?) Have a great day!


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