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Breakfast For Supper (or Dinner)

You know those nights where inspiration is next to nil? When you are not even hungry but just have to feed your brood?  Well, in this house – and many others, so I’ve heard – the answer is BREAKFAST FOR SUPPER!

This is always met with a hoot and an emphatic YAY!  Why is that?  Is it because breakfast is, by its nature, comfort food?  I like to think so.  Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns: definitely feel-good food!

I didn’t have lunch till 2:00 and had a very hearty chickpea soup, so, needless to say, by 6:00 supper was still not on my mind and inspiration was non-existent!  The boys, however, were hungry.  OK, Mom, think, think, think!

Think no more! Popped some frozen hashbrowns (yes, I do frozen sometimes) into the oven, put some strips of bacon into the frying pan and got to work creating individual omelettes.

Voilà! Dinner (or supper) is served!

Omelette in the making

Omelette in the making

Omelette done

Omelette done

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