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It’s Soup Time!

I am a soup-lover. I could eat one every day but, it seems to me you need to have a little bit of a chill in the air to really enjoy them – especially the hearty kind.  But then, maybe that’s just me.

I went out for a walk with the pooch Tuesday morning and you could actually hear the falling leaves landing on the frozen ground!  Alrighty then… we have just gotten a reality check! We are “Falling Back” with the clocks this coming Sunday which is a definite sign that winter is just around the corner.

Morning chill

Morning chill

That means it’s soup time!  That heart-warming, feel-good meal that I love so much. I set to work.

I was in the mood for a lentil soup so I went through a couple of my standard cookbooks, compared recipes and then finally made my own!

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup

2-3 Tbsp olive oil
1 onion, diced
2-3 carrots, diced
2-3 stalks celery, diced, keep leaves for garnish
2-3 garlic cloves, slice or chopped
2 cups of lentils, rinsed and picked over (I use Dupuy as they keep their shape well)
Salt & pepper
1/2 tsp dried basil
1/2 tsp dried thyme
1/2 tsp dried oregano
3 cups chicken stock (or veggie stock, or water)
3 cups water
1 can whole Italian tomatoes, hand-squeezed
Large bunch of kale, stem removed, and chopped

Heat olive oil in stockpot and gently sautée 1st four ingredients until soften but not browned, about 5-6 minutes. Add lentils and mix around to warm up, about 5 minutes. This allows the lentils to get coated in the mixture of oil & veggies. Sprinkle in seasoning.

Add stock and water and bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and gently cook, partially covered, for 20 minutes or so – the lentils must be softened but still al dente and not mushy!

Add hand-crushed tomatoes, chopped kale and leftover celery tops (if using). Bring heat up to a low boil to cook kale, verify seasoning and adjust if necessary.

Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a touch of wine vinegar.

Guaranteed to warm up your tummy!

65 thoughts on “It’s Soup Time!

    • It’s funny because all my recipes said to use plain water. I had some turkey stock hanging around and needed space in my freezer so I used that!


  1. Another soup freak here – we have one at least once a week on those days when nothing else has been planned. As long as I have 3 veggies/main ingredients in it, I’m happy. I often use lentils too but mine don’t look as appetising as yours in that photo!


    • Thanks! I made THREE this week!

      It’s that great go-to kind of meal! It can also be an empty the fridge type of meal! I used Dupuy lentils as they keep their shape better. They are a tad more expensive but worth it, in my book!


      • And soups do freeze for emergencies. I guess Dupuy lentils are what I call just Puy, ie, from Puy in France. That’s what I use too, but there’s a great choice of lentils in the UAE – they’re a staple in Lebanese and Indian cooking as well, I think. Do you ever cook them on their own with chopped onion, garlic and whatever fresh herbs you have to hand? Lovely warm or cold with salad (IMO).


        • Absolutely! Yes, they are one and the same. I do indeed cook them on their own. I also do a “Jamie Oliver” dish with pan-seared scallops on top! Yum…. I have the same HO! Hot, cold, in soups, salads, in a vegie burger, on their own….


    • Oh hell no! I am a carnivore through and through! And I am so not even close to wanting to be vegetarian, vegan and I’ll also eat my bread and pasta FULL of gluten!

      So no offence will be had, share away!
      🐂🐖🐓🐟🍃 I eat all!


  2. Hello and good morning Dale from southern CA!
    Polly Motzko here from “Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly” and “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!”

    I love your writing style and photos and the soup looks fantastic. I just made some homemade split pea and corn bread last night.
    I also could make a new soup every day with a salad & never get sick of them and homemade bread.

    My two cooking sites are at


    • Hello and good morning to you too! Thanks so much! It’s great to get confirmation that our words resonate with others! And thanks for the reblog!

      That is too funny…. I made a split pea soup on Tuesday!! Bloody things remained hard no matter how long they cooked! Didn’t matter, my friend (who helped me with my very first cooking video – will be shared soon) and I felt it was tasty and the crunch wasn’t unpleasant! Absolutely, a different soup every day would never be too much! I haven’t started baking bread…my butt just can’t afford it!!!

      Oh! I want to check out your sites but you must have hit reply too quickly….


      • How awesome Dale. I think you will like it a lot. It is like a Facebook for cooks. It has been going for over 3 years now & a real labor of love & $$. Fortunately through working with customer service & tech support with Ning I WILL SAVE $50 a month running it now!

        I saw you followed Photos That Inspire Words too. Thanks so much.

        I was a master piano teacher for 20 years married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years and have been on my own since 2001.

        I earn my money with CARestaurantShowCase.com writing feature stories for restaurants & food businesses, shooting photos for menus, menu boards, wall art, digital menus, plasma screen slide shows.
        I also write web content for web sites and do press releases, PowerPoint Presentations and other creative things involving words & pictures.

        Keep creating.
        I have to get ready and get outta here & head to Anaheim to meet with the owner of Marri’s Pizza and Pasta, a fantastic Italian restaurant been in business since 1957. I will be writing a Feature Story for them, shooting photos and being the Moderator of their Facebook page. Helping them look Delicious.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko-you will find me on Facebook by my full name
        Polly Motzko


        • Oh I am so jealous! In a good way of course. How did you go from master piano teacher to making money writing about food (my total dream…) as well as being a Facebook moderator? A friend of mine writes for two different FB accounts – I have to find me some potential clients!

          I will absolutely keep creating. For the first time in YEARS I am happy, feeling free and seeing the possibilities out there. It’s so hard to see when you are dying of boredom in a deskjob. My getting fired couldn’t come at a better time, I tell ya!

          Have a great day in Anaheim and I’ll be looking for you on FB!


          • 6 years ago I re-created myself and over a period of time did market research to see what was in demand, what was never done and what I could do with the other gifts and talents God gave me. I read a lot of bookks namely The Writer’s Market magazine and The Writer’s Market 2013 and others. It tells what you can do and how much it pays in fields of journalism, writing, marketing, photography, photo editing etc. I read those books like bibles because they maximize your full potential.

            I read an article in the Writer’s MARKET MAGAZINE ABOUT CREATING A BLOG FOR READERSHIP, TO CREATE A WEB PLATFORM, NOTORIETY, BOOK LIST AND TO BE READ ALL OVER THE WORLD. NOW Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate on http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com was seen my 73 countries over a 30 day period. It gives me just joy and gratification to see something I envisioned and worked so hard on either helping people with its information or “blooming”. Any investment you put in yourself are like seeds in a garden. One day, if you water it every day, your words will bloom like flowers.

            I hope this helps. Thanks for your kind words. I am happy we met.

            Paulette Motzko


          • This will definitely help. Thank you so much for sharing. I have been working on putting all my loves together – food, cooking, photography and writing. I will definitely look into these books/magazines.

            That is amazing. 73 countries!

            Definitely hope for me yet!


          • When I got the Writer’s Market for the first time it was like opening Pandora’s Box with a wealth of possibilities. Remember, knowledge is power. You have an awesome web site.

            Paulette Motzko


          • Probably like my first time walking into Ares – a store for cooks – I thought I had dies and gone to heaven as there had never been a store like this before.

            Now I’m more into the sharing of my ideas so I can’t wait to see it – especially now that you’ve likened it to a Pandora’s Box!!

            Oh thank you… It’s still a work in progress!



          • Hello Dale,
            Good morning …how nice to find your note here so early! I just got up and made my Amalfi region espresso for my cappucinno I made with a Melitta coffee maker and a little cinnamon creamer-really delicious!
            Is “It’s Soup Time” the name of the feature you would like to be the star of on Cooking Up A Storm All Over The World?

            I will create a link for it on the site if it is.
            Also, I will write a short bio about you introducing you to the members and write a shout out message that will go to everybody’s mailbox like a newsletter too. Is there anything you would like everybody to know?

            Can you email me a photo to put by your bio at Paulette_Motzko@yahoo.com

            Thanks so much!

            Looking forward to making some delicious feasts with ya!

            Polly Motzko


          • Thanks so much for everything Dale. You are an awesome lady. I believe in a Triple Win Philosophy which is- I Win, You Win and Society Wins. In the case of you and I, it would be all of your readers and my readers win by doing more together than we could have alone.

            Talk to you later on.

            Paulette Motzko


          • As long as you can write and take photos and cook and create life will never become boring. What do you love doing? Ever thought of earning a living doing what you love?
            Just an idea…..

            Paulette in southern CA


          • I believe you – there will be no boredom in photography, cooking, writing and creating. Ever since I started this blog, I’ve been looking back a lot and I got into my piles of photos (I’ve been “Kid Kodak” for a loooong time!), thinking about where my love for cooking and entertaining came from and wondering why in the hell I never went in that direction officially.

            Yes I do want to earn a living doing what I love. As much as I love cooking the thought of being in the “back of the house” repels me – besides the side that it is very demanding and hard on the body (a younger person’s game). I’ve tried various little things without giving it my all to see where it takes me but I realise you have to work a little harder than I was! I love sharing my food in any way (gift baskets, having dinner parties, catering….)

            The big 5-0 is just around the counter and I finally know what I want to be when I grow up!

            Have a most wonderful week-end, Paulette. I am so very glad I met you!


          • I am “work-free” since August 20. I’m sorry, I cannot shed a tear as it’s what I wanted.

            I’m trying to make Dale’s Delectables a career for me so I’m looking at all avenues, so to speak.


          • Look up how to Monotize your site. A friend of mine is gonna help me make the videos I will be shooting in the near future make money by using Ad Sense.
            Check it out & other related articles. Knowledge is power. 🙂

            BTW, do you have talk, text, photos unlimited on your phone?
            I do.

            Polly Motzko


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