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I’m So Excited!

Today, with the help of my friend Laurie-Ève Barriault (she’ll be filming) and my hubby Mick MacIsaac (he’ll be editing), will be the first filming of a Dale’s Delectables episode for YouTube!  Woot!

video-cameraCC-logo [Converted]








It’s been in my head for so long I can’t believe we are going to actually DO it!  Now, just so you know, none of us are experts and I’m still “short” on supplies so we will do the best we can with what we have.  I’d like to think that as time goes on, I will acquire the necessary lighting and whatnot needed. Let’s just call this my “Notwithstanding clause”…

As this would only be happening around 2:00 pm today, I took the pooch out earlier than usual for his walk.  Man, oh man, it was cold out there!  You just know there is no more fooling around with the hopes that we will be exempt from the ice and snow.  As a matter of fact, there were a few snowflakes falling just to prove it.  Try as I might, they were too few and far apart for me to catch a single one on my tongue!  I also had to be careful of the ice patches dotting the streets here and there. Picture this:  Woman walking her dog, head tilted back attempting to catch snowflakes on her tongue, slips on ice in a most undignified fashion…
Ice Patterns

Oh my! Look at the time! Must take a shower and make myself “camera ready”!  Plus, I want to make a nice soup for my camera woman. Will feed her before we start our project.

Something tells me there will be many laughs this afternoon….

20 thoughts on “I’m So Excited!

    • Crazy, eh? Will do! Hubby offered to do the editing by the week-end!

      As long as we all remember this is a first stab at it – it will be rough around the edges but was fun to do!

      I dunno… Do they accept Canadians? 😊


  1. I have no hubby now but was married to a rocket scientist for 15 years….have a good friend who is helping me set up my YouTube account so it will generate money…provided people play the entire ad.
    I was telling my friend Mark Gaffney who is an amazing computer wizbang of a guy that we had to make sure the ads were damn good!

    I wish you the best with monotizing your YouTube account and also on your blog.

    I would love you to join Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World! It is a free membership site for cooks, chefs and food lovers with 27 cooking groups, 215 members, 2000 photos in The Culinary SlideShow, and lots of ways you could even become a Contributing Writer on it, if you would like.


    • Indeed! We are still in the very first stages. Total amateurs – for now! And yes, I definitely want to monetize (otherwise I’ll have to go back to a desk job – egads! Gasp! Gag! puke!)

      Thanks for the good wishes.

      I am filling in the form as we “speak”! I’d love to become a Contributing Writer!!!


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