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OK, Here Goes….

Soooo… Mick just finished the big edit of my very first cooking lesson.

With butterflies in my tummy and hope in my heart, here it is.

This is our very first attempt so a huge thank you to Laurie-Ève Barriault for taking your time to come over and film me and thanks to you, hubby, for taking time away from your own stuff to help me by putting it all together.

We’ll only get better as we go along!

29 thoughts on “OK, Here Goes….

    • Thanks Carlynn! I admit to having been scared to even post it. (We always fret when we do something for the first time, eh?) Ha ha! Thanks! Hubby almost cut that part out! Thank goodness I realised it was missing…. (shows more of the real “me” that way!)


  1. Thank you! Now I can’t wait to make some jelly. I was really doing it all wrong. A question…..are there apples that are better than others?


    • You are most welcome! Not really, I used all kinds of apples…. The best ones are the ones that are not quite ripe – but who has access to those?

      The apples I used in the video were picked by yours truly way back at the end of September (I kept them in the cabana)


  2. Well done, Dale, Laurie-Eve and Mick. Time to ‘fess up – I was going to watch a few minutes of this – I need to stir a stew. Instead, I watched the whole thing because it was so entertaining and your presentation style was excellent – no nonsense, get on with it – perfect! Liked the way you warned us about what could go wrong and what not to do even if tempted to take a shortcut. The ruby-red jelly, your red kitchen and the t-shirt, looked great on camera. 🙂


  3. Hi Dale! I loved the first episode and seeing the beginnings of Dale’s Delectables on Screen! You have a delightful personality – which I gleaned from your writing and confirmed by watching your show. What I really enjoyed was your step by step directions (heck, even I might be able to make apple jelly!) paired with the light and fun feeling you create just by being you. I love the tossing of the jelly bag (?) and also all the little funny comments you made throughout. I think you are perfect for screen and look forward to seeing how it all evolves!


    • Hi Tammy! Thanks so much for you enthusiastic feedback! I don’t think I could be anything else but me – and I hope the next episode turns out well (I can guarantee there will be more moi involved!). So happy you enjoyed it!


  4. Bonjour Dale,
    Un gros bravo pour ton audace et ta persévérance! Ton projet avance bien à ce que je peux voir! Et oui quels beaux souvenirs ces dimanche matins gargantuesques!
    A bientôt,


  5. Hey Dale.

    I gotta agree with what everyone above has already stated…the video was charming, informative and you are definitely a natural when it comes to both cooking and being in front of a video camera…despite your apprehension!

    Oh…and what many don’t know, is how delicious the Apple Jelly truly was…and it WAS delicious 🙂

    Take care and I look forward to the next video episode!

    All the best.



  6. Thanks Lyle! I really do appreciate the kind words!

    And… I’m happy you do like it!

    Have an excellent week!


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