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D’Oh! Epic Fail!

Just the day before, as I was walking Zeke, I came upon a little bit of green in the blah grey and brown that is November. It was supposed to be the basis of my next post. Then I got home started futzing around with my website (still can’t get my official name changed from the temporary one – GRRR!). Anyway, one thing lead to another and nothing really got done. There are days like that!

A little bit of green...

A little bit of green…

The next day, I’m doing what needs to be done: breakfast and lunches for the boys, making myself “perty” because we’ll be taping my next video with my hubby, making supper (hot chicken sandwiches with potato wedges at the request of my youngest), telling the boys to wipe down the dog after he’s come in from “doin’ his bidness” as he is wet…

It’s not like it wasn’t called for – on the radio, TV, newspapers…. First Snowstorm Is Coming!

“Yay, finally!” yell the kids; “Must prepare!” says the hubby, who then goes off to close up the tempo; “Whatever, c’est la vie”, says the mother (that would be me).

Do I think of whats in the garden? What “lasts until it’s pretty damn cold”? Nooooo!!!!

Kale in the snow

Kale in the snow

Sigh… it doesn’t seem frozen or wilted, maybe all is not lost? Fingers crossed as I face the slush that is my backyard to go and rescue my poor kale… as for the rainbow chard, doesn’t look good (can’t even see it under the snow so we’ll cross that one off!)

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed!
      Yeah, there are way too many days like that! Some days I just turn in circles trying to figure out what’s next!


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