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In honour of the American Thanksgiving

Today, I am NOT going to stay in my PJs all day. (Yes, it does happen – just not usually on a weekday!) That said, there’s no rush, I’ll get changed after I do my “mommy” duties!

I had some fresh pumpkin purée left over from my last pumpkin extravaganza so the boys were lucky enough to get some pumpkin pancakes (well, mine are thinner than a regular pancake but a little thicker than a crêpe… so I’ll call them pancrêpes) for breakfast.

Pumpkin pancakes

Pumpkin pancakes

Lunches made and boys were off to school so I sat down to read my emails. There was lots of stuff regarding Thanksgiving (am following many American sites) including one from JJBegonia in which she suggests a few blogs to read, including a fellow Canadian one called Donzwebb, in which she answers a set of questions that she got from Meetmeatmikes. Oooh…subject for my next blog. I will answer the questions too!

But first, there was more to do! I had my own pancrêpe breakfast and then walked the pooch. Having a dog is definitely a great way to get your butt in motion! Brrr! The wind was blowing and I almost turned around but realised it wouldn’t be so bad once I got out of the open space, so I kept on! Besides, Zeke was so excited, I couldn’t really let him down.

Managed to take three pics before my phone died on me (that’s what happens when you forget to charge it overnight!) Isn’t it amazing how blue the sky is in winter?

Blue skies in the cold

Blue skies in the cold

Once I got home, I changed into my workout clothes and actually did the treadmill and some weights (not pleased with my chunk-a-lunk arms and legs right now…) made myself a fabulous lunch of pumpkin soup – yep, more pumpkin – and a nice green salad and now, finally, I can sit down and answser these questions! So, here goes!

Making:  A difference
Cooking:  Almost always!
Drinking:  more water, less wine and beer
Reading:  the third in a historical romance trilogy (what? it can’t ALL be serious all the time!)
Wanting:  a decent place to work in – which I can have if I declutter it!
Looking:  to succeed at my bliss
Playing:  silly FB games (too often)
Wasting:  rainbow chard in the garden – it snowed before I picked it
Sewing:  nothing more than buttons and hems, though scads of books on quilting and needlework…
Wishing:  to inspire others
Enjoying:  listening to Tom Allen on CBC Radio 2
Waiting:  for my water to boil so I can have my herbal tea
Liking:  this new rythm that is my life
Wondering:  what fabulous things await me
Loving:  my family
Hoping:  to finally get my website going to my satisfaction
Marvelling:  all the beauty nature offers
Needing:  to take the time to declutter
Smelling:  lime-ginger-mint herbal tea that is steeping
Wearing:  too-tight jeans and a comfy orange (favourite colour) sweater
Following:  many fabulous bloggers from all over the world
Noticing:  many want to simplify life and take time with each other
Knowing:  hubby believes in me
Thinking:  All is possible
Feeling:  Enthusiastic
Bookmarking:  Inspiration
Opening:  my mind to possibilities
Giggling:  watching the dog tease the old cat (he’s not impressed)
Feeling:  optimistic

How about you? Feel like seeing where your answers go, click here to get a blank list.

It would be interesting to do this every 6 to 12 months and see what changes, dontcha think?

8 thoughts on “In honour of the American Thanksgiving

    • Thanks…. They were (I’ll put the recipe on my recipe page!)
      Indeed I will… Wasn’t that easy to answer without being flippant, which I almost did.


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