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A new one for you!

Hello my friends!

Mick and I have made another video. Hope you enjoy it!

11 thoughts on “A new one for you!

    • Ooohhh… It would definitely be an adventure! The banter, the laughter…. hmmm… where do you live? Waaay to far away, eh? Da-yum!


      • I live in Portland OR…and I’m hoping you live in a foreign country…somewhere I haven’t been, or have been for that matter. Give me an excuse…I’ll be there. Don’t tell me you live in the building next to mine?


        • OK, that’s what I thought I read… yet you write English properly (well-placed “u’s”!) so I thought you were somewhere in Great Britain!

          Indeed I am in a foreign country, a mere hop, step & a jump from you – well if you were across the pond it would be further, no? I live in Montreal – well, technically the south shore of Montreal – the one in Canada!

          So, excuse given! I’m waiting…


          • If you keep reading (and achieve nothing else today) you’ll know that I lived in the UK for a number of years. I go back often to visit and travel with my best girlfriends and their husbands. ONE DAY LIKE TODAY was my last visit….I’m already homesick.
            Never been to Canada. Do regular people live in Canada? As opposed to…Irregular? It’s important that I know this…..


          • Well, I made to my appointment by “la peau des fesses” (I saw you understand French) so I’ll lift the blame.
            So you’ve been to the UK but you’re not from?
            Why your last visit? Sigh, I’ve yet to cross the pond…
            Depends what you mean by regular – ’tis highly subjective, you know!
            Do come freeze your carcass in our winter wonderland! Or. Come bake it in summer – all seasons have something to offer…
            Oh! Thanks for the follow!


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