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Feeling Happy

Life is Good

Life is Good

I just love those days where you wake up and all is good!  Your inner core just feels right and you are filled with optimism.

The sun is shining, your physiotherapist confirms your full strength has returned to your arm that you busted last year and she only needs to see you in a couple of weeks for one last time, your kitchen is clean (and not a mess from the night before because no one felt like cleaning !), the kids are off at school, lunch will be reheated left-overs, the dog will be getting an extra-long walk and a good washing…

Your husband just found out that we have $1,250 combined from our credit card points so our hotels will be covered to and from Florida, most of the clothes have been piled for packing – though we’re only leaving in 17 days, the mountain of clothes to be donated are being bagged and shipped out (yessssssssss! let the decluttering begin!)…

Feeling there is a world of possibility out there and if you’re willing to work at it, success will follow.

Just wanted to share my joy with you and to wish you the same!

6 thoughts on “Feeling Happy

  1. I’m glad things are going so well for you! I don’t have any major things today to be grateful for. In fact, I’m a little cranky from missing my husband, who’s out of town. But I still managed to enjoy the sun that came out today after a really dreary day yesterday.


    • Thanks Christy. You know… sometimes I find myself just being a cranky-pants and feeling nothing’s going my way so the days that actually do feel good, I’ve decided to declare it “to the world” in hopes of prolonging it! At the same time, it forces me to see the good.
      I’m happy you got to enjoy the sun! Dreary days are just so, well, dreary! 😉


    • Thanks Lyle. Absolutely, those days are the best! In all honesty they are now showing up more rather than less, lately… Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something!

      Have a marvelous week-end!


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