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Bonjour! Going to the Other End of the Road

On today’s most excellent walk with Zeke, every single “Bonjour” was returned in kind!  That is a rare thing indeed (unfortunately) and one that I took as a good omen.

Of course, walking with this handsome dude, I do often get stopped and he gets gushed over so that truly helps to get things off on the right track.

Today I decided to take a different route.  Well, I always vary how I get to my destination but this time I decided to go somewhere else.

I’ve been living in this neighbourhood for five years now and I have a general gist of the surroundings.  That said, one turn off one street lead to another and another until I was, well, lost!  Not so lost as to fret that I’ll never find my way back home but enough to wonder how the hell I had ended up where I did!  I recognised the names of some of the streets but was puzzled that I was not where I thought I was!



How often do we know one end of a road/street/boulevard but never really take the opportunity to go all the way to the other end of it?  It’s when I ended up on a familiar street but totally unfamiliar surroundings that I pondered this.  I know the streets of Boucherville are all twisty and often U-shaped but this was ridiculous!  I felt like I was in a totally different town!

Oh my!  There is a wooded area over there!  No way?  Well, I’ll be damned…

Woods behind school

Woods behind school

An hour and a half later, Zeke and I made our way back home with stomachs growling (well, I dunno about Zeke’s but mine sure was!)

I will definitely be taking another new road to it’s end to see where it takes me.

Have a wonderfully adventurous day, all!

9 thoughts on “Bonjour! Going to the Other End of the Road

  1. Such an interesting metaphor ~ ‘the other end of the road.’ Maybe we take too much for granted and assume one end is the same as the other or maybe we are scared to peep around corners which. of course, can hold all sorts of magic.


    • My thoughts exactly. I originally wrote ‘the end of the road’ but that sounded way too final! When I ended up on a familiar street (the name was familiar, anyway) I was disoriented because I wasn’t where I thought I was and I wondered how the hell I had ended up so far – mind you, now that I know where the other end ends, I have so many more options ahead of me! You are so right, magic can be found in the most ordinary places.


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