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They Kill Me….

Sooo… no one is really a fan of commercials. Well, not in my house, anyway! Most things we watch have been PVR’d and so we zap straight through them with nary a thought.

And then along came Pier 1 Imports with their “find what speaks to you” campaign. OH. EM. GEE! I actually will stop fast-forwarding to go back and catch the beginning. And I love, love, love that there are always two back-to-back! I giggle each time. Can’t help myself. Have become my family’s laughingstock. Don’t care!

This brilliant idea has been going on for about a year now and each and every one of them just kill me!

As we are approaching Christmas, here’s one that I love!

Bummer, I could no longer embed after doing this one! Oh well..I guess they don’t like free advertising!

All this to say, when advertising works, it works! I just may have to go for a visit to a favourite store… just to window shop!

4 thoughts on “They Kill Me….

    • They are ALL funny! I just love them. From the woman taking a picture of a bird and the bird, in a little voice says: “Ooooohhhhh, are you gonna tweet that?”) to the frog complaining about having a big mouth, so he’s used as a planter… So friggen cute!


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