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McApple Pie of My Eye

I must say… this is quite the interesting read. I’m not inclined to eat at McD’s and this will help to keep me away….

Eyestrain Productions

If you know me personally at all, chances are you’ve heard about The Pie. Maybe I’ve even taken it out to show you, let you touch it, encouraged you to sniff it. The Pie is legend, and has been for a great many years now. And if you know about The Pie, then you know we’ve just passed a significant milestone on its journey through the ages and into immortality.

The rest of you I’m going to have to bring up to speed.

I mentioned an important anniversary several weeks ago in this blog. Not the one related to the blog itself, nor my comic book work. I’m talking about that other, mysterious anniversary, I was so specifically vague about. The twenty-five year anniversary.

Rather than recap the whole sordid story from the beginning, let us instead begin at the end – or at least the end as it stood…

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4 thoughts on “McApple Pie of My Eye

  1. While I’m not a McD’s fan either, I have to say we once went to an old store-turned museum. They kept the some of the ORIGINAL FRESH FRUIT which has naturally sort of mummified.


    • I have to say I’ve had my occasional yen for a Big Mac but now…. a little scary, don’t you think? Blech! I can make such better food! It’s proof that junk food has something that just draws people in.


    • You know… I kinda like them myself! Especially with the ole orangeade they no longer serve! I don’t know what it was about the combo that just tasted so good!


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