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‘Scuse Me? Have You Seen My Mate?

This morning the alarm went off earlier than usual.  I was all confused because I could not smell the coffee brewing. I told hubby I wanted to “sleep in” until 7:00 am and he said “yeah sure” and fiddled with the clock/alarm.  He left to get some work done (the commute is hell – all the way down 14 stairs!) and  I rolled over to snuggle into my covers but opened one eye to look at the time and .. wha?  It’s 5:55? 

Figuring he had screwed up the time of the clock when he adjusted the alarm (in all fairness, it has happened before), I got up to check it out.  Waitaminute! I don’t understand. I went downstairs, saw the same time on the microwave and it finally clicked that he had pre-set the alarm to 5:55 the night before instead of the usual 6:30.  You must understand, dear reader, that I am the “keeper of the alarms” so normally I would have been in the know that mister wanted to get up earlier… So, in my mind, the alarm had gone off at 6:30 and I was getting an extra half-hour of sleep.  Ben non!  I was getting a whole HOUR of extra sleep!  Woo hoo!!!



Of course I tossed to one side then the other, the mind started with the whole “what’s on my agenda today?” and I finally gave up at 6:20. (NOW I could smell the coffee.)

Time to make the lunches – oh lucky me, Aidan has no exams, so no school today, Iain only had an exam in the morning yesterday so he didn’t eat his lunch.  Only Mick needed one.  Woot!  Leftover pad Thai, a freshly baked (ok, ok, made yesterday) banana muffin, a drink, a yogurt, a couple of fruit.  Done!

Made our daily porridge (today with dried and fresh blueberries) and sent off hubby and oldest.

Zeke tried to convince me that -21°C is not cold, and it would be a perfect time to go for a walk.  He didn’t succeed.  I had work to do.   Gotta work on my Dalectables website! Answer emails! Write a post!

Next thing I know, it’s noon, hubby’s back from his meeting and off to karate (lucky guy, my heel still won’t allow it) and I decide that some exercise is better than none so I bundle up again and off we go.

I always try to take a different route to keep boredom away and today we ended up in a park not too far from my home.

'Scuse me? Have you seen my mate?

‘Scuse me? Have you seen my mate?

We were greeted by this “sentry”.  I could just hear it: “‘Scuse me, have you seen my mate?”  Sadly, I hadn’t.

Just as Zeke and I were about to start our little game of tag, out bounds Nina!

She’s a little leery when first meeting new dogs and has a tendency to bare her teeth but she’s over it pretty quickly and soon the tails are wagging and play starts again.

The battle for a stick occurs, Zeke gives it up to Nina, who then proceeds to totally ignore him (what a bitch!) and soon, Nina’s human must leave (really, I should ask the man his name, no?)  I decide it’s time to continue our promenade.

Zeke & Nina at play

Zeke & Nina at play

As we walk through the park, I notice this leaf that had decided to come to rest on one of the few pristine areas (read, no foot/paw prints, no pee-stained snow – lemme tell you, we are NOT the only ones to visit this park!)



I can’t help but wonder, why did this tree not lose its leaves?

Why didn't the leaves drop?

Why didn’t the leaves drop?

By now, I can barely feel my face and it’s so cold my nostrils stick together every time I take a deep breath through my nose! Enough! We must to the warm house go!

We get home, I look at my soaked beans and realize that if I’d had half a brain, I would have actually put them into a pot, with the rest of the ingredients, brought it to a boil, lowered it to a simmer and THEN gone off for my walk…

French Canadian Pea Soup

French Canadian Pea Soup

Then maybe, just maybe I could have had it for lunch!

8 thoughts on “‘Scuse Me? Have You Seen My Mate?

  1. That is odd indeed about the tree, Dale! I have no answers for that one. Zeke and Nina make a cute pair! My husband and I both grew up with cats, and now that we have a dog, we have turned into newly ultra-social people! When you have a dog, you meet everybody in the neighborhood who also has a dog! It’s true that you find out the dog’s name before the owner’s name–lol!


    • Isn’t it though? So weird.

      Absolutely! We call each other by our pet’s names!! I’m Zeke’s mom… Or Mrs. Zeke! It definitely makes one more sociable – ‘specially with a dude like him!


    • I love the photo of the leaf against the snow, Dale!

      In case you’re interested, deciduous trees that don’t lose their leaves are known as marescent. There are various theories about why marescence occurs. Some think it is to help the tree withstand water and temperature changes (you can see why some trees would want to keep their clothes on in these frigid temps!). Because many species seem to only have this trait as young trees (like several oak species), many believe that the trait helps protect new emerging buds/leaves from being over-browsed by deer (since the old leaves have a bitter taste). It’s kind of cool to see the golden colors through the winter! Beech trees also have this trait — I love their coppery winter color!


      • Thanks Melanie (I looked up your name!) I was very pleased with the result. I too, love their colour.

        I am very interested – thanks! I’ve learnt something new! (Now to remember the term marescent!) It makes sense as this tree is not that large and would be considered young. And indeed! These frigid temperatures are not for the faint of heart!


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