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From Walks to Marches

Friday was the coldest day yet.  Wind chill of -35°C.  No matter how much Zeke pleaded with me, I resisted!  Besides, I had work to do on www.dalesdelectables.org and frankly need to get that site up and running (still looks like crap but it’s coming along!)

As the day went on, it got a tad warmer, after all, they were calling for -7°C for Saturday so it stands to reason that it would warm up. Right?  Well, indeed it did!  I decided to go for a walk at dusk (around 5:00 pm) to see what my camera phone could capture and at the same time, make a happy dog.  I figured I’d walk for 30-45 minutes, drive the eldest to his Cadets, have supper and then go watch the Cadet Parade.

It was a gorgeous evening and didn’t feel too bad.  I decided to go to our usual “Teletubbie Park” – seriously, I have no clue what the heck the real name is (though I’m certain I’ve passed by some sign at one time or another…) but we came ’round the back end of it, passing the elementary school where children were still being picked up by their parents.  The City has created two rinks – one for the regular skaters and a hockey rink with the sides and nets to protect passersby and skaters on the other rink.  Two young boys were practicing their hockey and yelled:  “C’est qui?”  (Who is it?)   I told them no worries, I was just a mom passing by, walking her dog!

For the last three weeks or so, I’ve moved to a Samsung Galaxy 4 (used to have the iPhone 5) as we changed carriers and they don’t carry Apple products (really???)  Hubby has this same phone and it takes AH-MAY-ZING pictures so, of course, I wanted the same one!  Evening pictures so far seem to come out better with the Samsung though far, far, far removed from what a real camera could do!  (Still on my wish-list!)

Such a different look to a familiar place!

What a lovely time of day to walk!

At 7:45 PM, it was time to go watch the Cadet Parade.  We didn’t realise it was also the time for promotions and special honours.  Our son made us proud getting promoted to Lance Corporal and winning a medal for excellence in physical condition (not a surprise there, he’s quite the athlete!)  There was also a mention of the previous week-end’s games between the different Cadet Corps where he was part of the Bronze-winning team in Extreme Frisbee!  The parade itself was nice to watch and while the cadets were standing at attention during the distribution of medals and promotions, four of them needed to be escorted out before passing out.  Even though the room was quite cool (for us spectators), the cadets were wearing three layers, ties, berets… it was apparently very hot for them.  Going to be interesting to see what happens in the summer!

The beginning to an excellent week-end, don’t you think?

6 thoughts on “From Walks to Marches

  1. Handsome son, Dale! That’s so interesting about the Samsung Galaxy vs. iPhone 5! It’s giving Apple a run for its money, huh? I hadn’t heard that yet, but it’s good to know, since phones notoriously don’t last forever!


    • Thanks Joy! He’s going to be 16 in a couple of months – sheesh…
      Absolutely! I was Apple all the way before – now, meh? Not an absolute necessity for what I use my computer for though I still like the iPhone for many things…


  2. I cannot even imagine such cold weather. I grew up in Louisiana and now live in Western Oregon. I think the coldest I have ever experienced is 5 degrees F (per the converter, -15 C)


    • It’s quite something, let me tell you! I guess it’s just something we’re used to, having lived here all our lives. Doesn’t mean I’m not planning on becoming a Snowbird I a few years!!! Not loving the cold as much as I get older!


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