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Lost…. and Found

Yay!!!!  It is finally snowing!  While some people may not be happy with this situation; Zeke and I are eccstatic!  Snow equals less cold equals more fun outside.  Very simple math.

By 9:00 sharp, we are out the door….oh wait, where’s my other mitten? Bloody hell… do I have to wear gloves?  I can’t wear gloves, I have Raynaud’s which means my fingers freeze at the thought of cold… No, this will not do.  Working up a sweat now and not even out the door.  Voilà!  Sneaky bugger was hiding behind the folding door.

By 9:10 sharp….

A perfect winter morning… Some Loreena McKennitt, Snow to inspire you.  (Sorry, could not embed it!)


Off we went towards the Industrial area so that we could go play in the woods right behind it.  Finally, a chance to take some nice pictures (I hoped) and the sun was not shining so, no washed out colours… but no sparkles either…

Before hitting the woods, there is a row of various grasses.  Quite lovely, if I say so myself!

As we went deeper into the woods where the snow was way deeper than it looked – I sunk in half-way between my knees and my thighs at a few points – we encountered various trees and thorny bushes.

I was far from cold at this point!  Lordy, what a work-out it turned out to be!

We finally get out of the woods where all we can hear is the hum of the electricity….

…when I realise, I have no leash!  Argh!  It was around my neck (like a scarf) but must have gotten caught on some branches.  Dammit. I have to go back into the woods, retracing my steps…



Success!  Off we went for a nice cuppa tea for me, and some treats for my companion!

And what timing too.  The snow was turning into quite the storm by the time my water had boiled!

Just in time

Just in time

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