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Mom lives a good two hours “up north” (however, when officially looked at on a map, is more of a western, slightly northern direction).  To us, it will always be “up north” and that’s just how it is.  One must accept it at our word!

Having not seen Mom since before the Christmas holidays (since we Snowbirded down to Florida) my sister and I decided to go up to see her  for an over-nighter and with the hopes of kidnapping her for the rest of the week.  Yay!  Success!  She is now being passed from sister to sister to sister, spending an evening with each of her girls and their families.  Win-win-win for all!

Monday was such a gorgeous day, a walk was in order!  As promised to Annarette, I had to find Sparkles for her!

Well, it is to be hoped I succeeded!!!

25 thoughts on “Sparkles

  1. You definitely succeeded in capturing some beautiful sparkles; the second one is amazing with the snow dust and sunlight! I believe that you have your Christmas cards set for next year. Very nice!


          • If I knew how to “plant” one of those smiley faces blowing kisses in your direction I would. However, seeing that I have a difficult time using my cell phone…planting smiley faces in post comment boxes…is totally out of the question. Let’s just say that…I have done.


          • Additional: we are supposed to get some snow tomorrow. If not tomorrow this weekend. After living in San Diego California for most of my young life and never experiencing snow, but now having lived in Portland OR for many years where snow is no big deal, the joy of snow is calling or being called by someone on the telephone and hearing a voice: It’s snowing….
            My Mother and I used to do that. One snow flake….the phone would ring ring ring…”It’s snowing…”
            Mother died in September of last year. My daughter and I now do the calling no matter the time…that first snow flake…ring ring ring…”It’s snowing…”

            I look upon the joy you and your sisters are having moving your own Mother around like a chess piece on a playing board of sisterly-delight….as something I miss…especially when that first snow flake falls….


          • What a lovely tradition! I am most happy for you that your daughter has now taken part and know the loss you feel as my father died in May of last year and I still find myself going to pick up the phone to share whatever I know would have tickled him….
            We do indeed consider ourselves very blessed to be able to “play” with our mother…
            I hope your snowfall contains those huge snowflakes that dance their way onto whatever they may…


  2. Pretty sparkles – we are supposed to get some snow and freezing rain this week – If it happens, I’ll have to try to focus on the beauty instead of being stuck at home instead of going to the Columbia River Gorge.

    As for the north vs west thing….My husband and I always joke that we have to drive EAST to “go west” (toward the desert). And when we’re in the Gorge, SOUTH to go to the mountains. It’s just too confusing!


    • Ugh… Snow, yes; freezing rain, non merci!! Though, admittedly, the ice does make everything sparkle and shine…
      Isn’t that nuts? Love it! Drive east to go west and south to the mountains… Too funny!


  3. Ah … snow … beautifully captured in your photos, Dale. I haven’t seen any for about 10 years now, but still remember how nothing can replace that sense of joy when you wake up to a silent, untainted, snowy landscape. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • As my sister and I were walking, we saw some snow fall on its own. Tracy said: Hey! There are your sparkles! So we waited for it to happen again and got impatient, so Tracy threw a snowball and…. voilà! So, other than a little help with the getting the snow to fall, it was all natural light! (Not bad for a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone, eh?)


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