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Icing Sugar of a Day

The lightest of dusting of snow fell yesterday morning, like powdered sugar sprinkled over some decadent dessert.  (Much to my son’s chagrin – he wants MORE!).  It was so mild, I almost wished I hadn’t put on my snow pants.  That said, I would not have been so comfy to kneel down to take pictures nor to play with the dog.

Zeke and I made our way to the Industrial area’s woods to disturb the pristine setting!  What? We should leave all that beauty untouched?  Pfffttt!  What’s the fun in that?

We first walked through the pristine little woods where the sun was peeking through…

Then, once through the little woods, we crossed a field to find where some of the flora was gently dusted…

And of course, Zeke wanted to be one with nature!

What?  I want to be dusted too!

What? I want to be dusted too!

Hope your day was as fabulous!


14 thoughts on “Icing Sugar of a Day

  1. Well Miss R…. if you’re not fed up yet, then I shall continue. A new food adventure post is a-coming too!
    I know what you mean… I found my way to Flickr but can I return?


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