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Where Does My River Go?

A little something different for you today.  A story, if you will…

There once was a girl and her dog.  Though it was not always so, they had become partners in adventures.  You see, when the dog first became a member of the family, he was meant to be for the children; or to be truthful, maybe, more for the man of the house as the dog was “his type of dog”, and for the first few years he was.  The boys took him for walks and so did the man of the house.  He took the dog for “Daddy Walks” which were much longer than the ones the boys did (most of the time) and always included a good brushing.  The girl (I really should say woman but for the purposes of this story, shall use girl) occasionally did as well but it was more of a rarity.

So then, how did the girl become the dog’s mistress?  Because, let me tell you, dear reader, he is definitely hers now!  Well, there was a change in her circumstances and she became a free agent, if you will, able to now do things on her own time…  So, starting in late Fall, she started taking the dog, Zeke was his name, on 45-90 minute walks.  They were on a journey of discovery (and let’s face it, the exercise would do them both good).  They had been living in this neighbourhood for just over five years and had never really explored it.  How much more pleasant is it to explore à deux?

And so it began, always with camera in hand as one never knows what one will see…

Every day they took a different route.  Oh, they did return to various places but never the same destination two days in a row.  On occasion, only on week-ends, they would be accompanied by the hubby.  This was a rare treat indeed.

Not totally frozen

Not totally frozen

On this particular day their intentions were to only make their way to the small park, where Zeke’s friend Nina can be found.  Sadly, she was not outside that day but they were greeted by a cacophony created by a treeful of birds!


The day was so beautiful, they decided to extend their walk and made their way to the park. (You remember, the one they had discovered quite by accident? It had now become a regular destination.  Especially once they discovered there was a river!)

This time they arrived at the park on the opposite side.  Would you look at that?  There’s a bit of wall !  Wonder what is was used for?  Wonder where the rest of it went?  Was there a rest?

Oh look!  The river is totally frozen!  “Hmmm”, wondered the girl, “wonder where this river goes?  I know it has to eventually make its way to the St.Lawrence but how does it get there?”  Was the river frozen all the way?

“You think it’s safe, Zeke?”, she asked.  He looked at her with what she took as acquiescence and away they went, feeling adventurous.  At the start of the adventure there were footprints of all sorts but gradually, the human ones were fewer and fewer.


Until the only ones to be seen were of the four-legged kind (andy maybe the two-legged-not-human)!

They fearlessly continued on their way, ducking – OK, maybe just the girl had to – under the branches of the trees and going around others.  Oh look! It’s an overpass!  She climbed up the side to see which overpass it was and then went back down.

“So? Should we go through?”  Zeke took a few steps in and the girl followed.  “Doesn’t seem too bad…”

She decided to go further.  The ice seems pretty thick here yet she heard water.  She moved forward, not noticing she was now alone on this part of the venture… The ice cracked at one point but held her weight.

She shuffled along tentatively and then, PLOP!  Her foot went right through!

She could see the running water quite clearly now.  She looked around for Zeke, to warn him…. Where was he?  There he was at the entrance, sitting, waiting, looking in at the fool who decided to keep on going!

I ain't goin' in there!

I ain’t goin’ in there!

She shook her head ruefully and said to Zeke: “Obviously, I should have heeded your warning…”  Thankfully her boots were waterproof!

They decided they’d had enough adventure for the day and would seek to find the rest of the river’s route another time.

Walking back, the girl noticed something quite peculiar, yet quite lovely.  Some kind person put a bit of summer for all to see.

Maybe it was put it there just for them!

Part Deux


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    • Thanks. I thought I’d try something a little different!
      And, it was my pleasure… the next one will be about his arriving in our home!


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