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Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

Valentine’s is not just for lovers, it’s for love itself – love for family and friends is just as important!

So….. from Zeke and me to you!

Zeke n me 2

May your day be filled with LOVE!

19 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!

  1. I’m late I’m late for this very important date…..
    Gorgeous photo, Missy D…and look at all that snow!! Ours? All gone. Just brollies and wellies for Portland Oregon predicted until….forever.

    • Ahhh… there is no late! Love is for always! πŸ˜‰
      Thank you very much Miss R…. oh yeah, look at that snow indeed… Bloody stuff didn’t stop falling all night! Mind you, in all I don’t think we got more than 8 inches. Definitely gonna have to find my way to Portland one day!

    • Thanks!
      I used Fotor (which I also use to watermark my pics… pain in the butt but the one that causes me the least amount of headaches for now!)

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