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Yes! We DO Have Igloos in Canada!

I was an extremely lucky woman on Valentine’s Day.  Not only did my man spoil me rotten with a new camera (there will be consequences!) he made me a most beautiful meal!

He set the table and decorated it with various candles, hearts, etc., made a fire and then served me a delicious tomato soup, followed by a to-die-for salmon with veggies cooked in Sambuca and finished off with the most romantic chocolate-covered strawberries.  (I would have added pictures of the whole set-up and meal but he has requested that I keep it to us and not share it with you all.  So sorry!  I must respect his wishes.)  I mean seriously, how could a girl complain?  How dare she even? Was feeling really cheap with my itty-bitty gift and card, that’s for sure!  I thought we were on a budget and were being “good“!  He said, “You go out every day with your phone and take these pictures for your blog, I couldn’t make you wait for your birthday!” (in April, the big 5-0!) He said this because I was doing the ugly cry and saying he shouldn’t have and why didn’t he wait for my birthday and…. because I was so overwhelmed and not expecting anything of the sort.

Sooooo…. can’t use the camera right away – have to plug in the charger.  On top of that, by the time it is charged, we have to leave as we are invited to dinner at friends’ of ours and on the way are shopping for a dishwasher.  I really haven’t minded washing my dishes by hand for the past three weeks – it’s the not allowing myself to entertain that is killing me!  Seriously, who the hell wants to do dishes by hand when you hold a dinner party? Not Mick!  And to be honest, when Mama is cookin’ up a storm, Daddy does the dishes!

So, that brings us to Sunday.  What a simply gorgeous day it was!  The sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t too cold (though we still dressed in snow pants et al as we knew we would be out for more than an hour and there would be good chances we’d have to tread in deep snow!  I could not wait to take out my new toy and try it out!  Off we went.

Mick & Zeke patiently waiting

Mick & Zeke patiently waiting

Our mid-way point was the grocery store but getting there would be quite fun as we looked for things to photograph.

Can you imagine this conversation? “Ummm, honey, I’m a little tied up right now.  I’ll be home late….”

Honey, I'm going to be late...

Honey, I’m going to be late…

Happy it’s not me!

We went through our little park (where Nina lives) and I could not believe it.  Poor thing still has no mate!

Still unclaimed

Still unclaimed

Been standing guard there for weeks!

On our way back from the store, we took a few turns onto roads pretty much unknown and discovered another little “park” (really, just a bit of land in a street that circles round…) Well, I’ll be!  Someone (s) had built an igloo!  Not your true-blue authentic Inuit one, but still, quite the effort!

So, though we Canadians are often asked if we really live in igloos…. the answer is still NO!  But a fun project for a bunch of neighbours, dontcha think?  And look… my two guys are waiting for me… again!

Waiting - again

Waiting – again

Mick also noticed some quite funky Christmas decorations. (By the way, I have a plan to go out on March 1st and photograph as many Christmas decorations still out there as I can!!! I’m not including lights on the houses as those usually come down when the danger of frostbite to fingers is gone…)  We figured they were homemade and could be an interesting project for certain people…. do I hear you, Lois?  You’d be interested? I thought so… 🙂

Cool decorations

Cool decorations


As we g0t closer to home, I notice two things.  First. Ah ha!  I knew I had seen red and blue fire hydrants!

I knew it!

I knew it!

And, second. Oh!  Maybe an opportunity for some matchmaking… let’s hope they’re not against mixed marriages…  Should we introduce them to each other?  One never knows, there could be love between a mitten and a glove!


Matchmaking possibility

So, finally, we make our way back home and I see that we are blessed with quite a few icicles.  Hmmm… why IS it that we have a bunch but our neighbours mostly don’t?  No,  I don’t want to hear things like we have to fix anything! OK?  Let’s just take advantage of the beauty they create as they start to melt…






25 thoughts on “Yes! We DO Have Igloos in Canada!

  1. What a thoughtful, beautiful Valentine’s, Dale. Loved the photos. Even though I am afraid of the snow, I love the beauty you captured – and the fun. The igloo looks like pure fun!


  2. I second Tammy’s comment Dale 🙂

    I loved your photos – ZEKE – and the day couldn’t be lovelier!

    Way to go Mick for being such a wonderful partner. Your food photos are going to look simply amazing 🙂

    Take care and my best to all.



    • Thanks Lyle! More to come… I had a “field day” (pun DEFINITELY intended) and you’ll get to see them on the next post which I’m planning on doing today!
      Yes, my man is a definite keeper!


  3. What a fun “fly-on-the-wall” trip through your day, Dale! So many little chuckles in here, my favorite being “mixed marriages.” You have a delightful view of the world and we’re lucky to get these little peeks into it!


  4. Yes I think that mitten and glove need to get together! 🙂 I’m happy to see your dog still loves that snow. I grew up in Michigan and we used to make igloos like that. That was always one of the fun things to do with the snow for some strange reason.


    • I should definitely introduce them! Oh yes, he most definitely loves the snow. Sadly they’re calling for freezing rain tomorrow… sorry Zeke!
      Fun stuff those igloos!


    • This year is NUTS! On this day in 1971, we had the storm of the century. We could walk onto the roof or our bungalow! Please, no, thanks. We don’t want another….


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