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Playing With My New Toy

Friday was a totally miserable day.  It was a mixture of freezing and non-freezing rain.  Not fun to walk in at all, dangerous, to boot!  Sorry Zeke, no walk for us at this time!  That said, there may be potential for great photos, icy branches and all, we’ll just have to wait and see!  By the time I decided to take the time to write this, I can confirm that nay, nary a frozen branch in site…

Soooo, I figured I’d share with you some of the shots I took on Monday and Tuesday’s walks.  Monday was a ped(agogical) day for the boys so everything kind of slows down and schedules go out the door – no alarm clock and all (yay!).  I almost didn’t make it out there but then decided it would do me some good, get me out of the blahs…

Plus!  I had my new toy to play with:

Canon Rebel EOS & extra lens

Canon Rebel EOS & extra lens

… and a Zeke-meister waiting for me to get dressed!

Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

So, where to go to try out this new camera?  (By the way,  I’m still at the point that I’m choosing automatic settings.  Will be playing with manual settings when I get a tad more familiar with my camera.) We decided on the field in the industrial area as it was quite late in the day – almost 4:00 pm and the light would soon be nil and frankly, I didn’t feel like the Teletubbie Park plus the River park was just too far.  Off we went.  As usual, there were sticks to be found and tossed and I attempted to catch this silly dog’s movements!  He hops up and down until he finally gets to the stick; then he pounces on it as if it were something live that could get away!  Sometimes he pounces so hard, he pushes the stick so far in he can’t find it!  Kills me every time!

Along our way, we hit the same cattails and various other flora…

Zeke is usually good at keeping himself occupied whilst I amuse myself!  Wonder what he was looking for?

You can't see me

You can’t see me

I turned up and saw my lovely beast looking so regal and gorgeous.  Couldn’t decide on one of the pics, so you get both!

As we made our way back, I finally got Zeke to run towards me (too bad the sun was pretty much gone at this point!  Look at his absolutely silly face!

The next day was grey and beyond blah.  I just couldn’t drag myself outside no matter how much Zeke begged… Then, after lunchtime, the snowflakes came!

So, as per usual, he waits…

Waiting in the snow

Waiting in the snow

This time we do go to our Teletubbie park!  I found myself singing Christmas songs for heaven’s sakes!  Well, can you blame me?  With these big fluffy snowflakes falling like they were?

I then attempted a second time to catch Zekie-Poo running…. definitely going to have to examine what this camera can do!!!

And finally,  I just sat down in the snow and let him meander about.  Next thing I know, I’m singing to myself….

I’m the king of the castle…. and you’re the dirty rascal!

I'm the king of the castle...

I’m the king of the castle…

22 thoughts on “Playing With My New Toy

    • I am happy to make you smile.
      He is something else, that Zeke.
      Oh no! Not on your screen again? So sorry… can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, however….


  1. Hey Dale and thanks for sharing with us what looked to be a most awesome day!! 🙂

    Zeke sure had a lot of fun as did you. The photos look great as well and I think you’re new toy is going to provide years of fun for both you and your readers!!! I look forward to many more photos of running dogs and great food shots!

    Take care and my best to all.



    • Thank you! They are mostly awesome days when I walk Zeke. He gets me off my butt and out there, you know? ‘Coz frankly, some days are soooo hard! (To get off my butt, that is!)

      Speaking of food… a new post will be coming very soon at http://www.dalesdelectables.org so stay tuned!

      Have a splendiferous day, mon ami!


    • Yes Ma’am… but I wasn’t publicizing the DalesDelectables one until I was more Advanced. It is starting to come together – finally. The problem lay between the keyboard and the chair, if you know what I mean! I am not the most techy savy one out there so I had many bugs. Finally flushed the theme I had paid for as I just could not make it work and started anew. Would really appreciate you taking a look and giving me your feedback so far…


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