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An Introduction, If You Will…

Hello my friends!

I’ve been working hard on my website and have started posting recipe posts there instead of here.  Trying to keep the business separate from the personal, if you will.

I would love for you to take a gander over there and, should you like what you see, subscribe!  That way, you’ll not miss a delicious post!

You can find recipes and new stuff as I build it at:  www.dalesdelectables.org  I will be officially changing it to www.Dalectables.com in the very near future – it’s just not yet!

Hope you enjoy, and, if you have any constructive criticism, I am all eyes…

6 thoughts on “An Introduction, If You Will…

  1. I love the Dale’s Delectables site. The foods and the way you’ve photographed them are, well…delectable! I am really beyond words for it other than your warm personality shines through and makes you “reachable” rather than “untouchable and perfect” like some food blogs may. Your hard work has really paid off, and I know many people will feel empowered. Oh, and I like the idea of the recipes page organized in an alphabetical list – makes for easy scanning. What a beautiful site, Dale.


  2. Oohhh! Thanks Tammy, Ray and John! Happy, happy, happy for the great feedback.
    As for the “subscribe” button – I don’t know why but I just can’t have it on the “landing page” so if you click on the any other tab (such as Blog or About Moi) the subscribe is in the upper right corner…


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