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The Year in Books: March

I have just joined this book club from Circle of Pine Trees – a wonderful blog I’ve only recently discovered and started following.  A very lovely blog, might I add!  Gorgeous pictures and text…

There are no rules and there are no obligatory readings (though there are marvelous suggestions!) and, though it did start in January, I am starting in March!  Isn’t that fun? No feelings of guilt, just euphoria that now I MUST find time to read books!  And I’m not talking about “learning” books – you know, the “On Writing Well” or “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” types – those I will continue to read, on the side as they are reference books.  No, this is the excuse I’ve been looking for to read for the enjoyment of reading. The types of books that transport you into another realm, with a cast of characters that you get to know, living lives outside of yet now a part of yours.  Pure bliss!

Sometimes I allow life to get in the way and I don’t permit myself the luxury of just sitting down with a good book in hand and a cup of tea (or wine or coffee…)  Seriously. Why do I do that? I feel I must be working on my business more; I must do the laundry; I must prepare dinner (OK, that one doesn’t count as I love to cook) – but you know what I mean… And if you don’t, then good for you!  Either you don’t give a rat’s ass about reading or, even better, you ALWAYS take some time in your day for reading for pleasure!

So, without further ado, I announce my book for the month of March:


I often choose random books at places like Chapters or Indigo lying there on the “cheap tables” (less than $10) and have made some wonderful discoveries.

When I saw this one, I picked it up simply because it was Colleen McCullough.  I had really enjoyed reading The Thorn Birds (so long ago I won’t even attempt to remember when!) and figured the chances were good that I’d enjoy this one as well.  I didn’t even read the back cover except to see that Maeve Binchy (one of my most favourite authors) recommended it!  It has been sitting in my bookshelf for months (maybe even years….) knowing that eventually I would pick it up and finally read it.  (Normally I write my name and date I purchased it but for some strange reason, omitted to do it in this one.)

Now that I have chosen this book, I have just read the back jacket.   Damn.  I will probably end up re-reading Pride and Prejudice first this as this is the story of Elizabeth and Jane Bennet’s sister, Mary.  Omigosh!  Do I even have a copy of Pride and Prejudice?  Oh! Oh! Yes, I do… but it’s in a giant book of Jane Austen’s complete works and weighs a tonne.

Now… I’m off to begin this wonderful adventure!




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