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Fat Tuesday… Why Not?

I’ve never been one to follow others yet I was bombarded today with posts on Facebook and Twitter and The Chew and… well, next thing I know, I’d decided to make pancakes for supper!

Can’t say anyone was overly upset in my house…. Well, hubby wasn’t overly thrilled… at first!

OK, my pancakes are really crêpes because that’s how my mother taught me and, as a result, I just don’t like fat pancakes!

Having “said” all that, I wasn’t going to just make crêpes and leave it at that!  This is supper, not breakfast!  So, I fried up some bacon and decided to make some triple-decker-ham-and cheese pancakes (just for the sake of not having to look for the ^ to go over the e… we’ll just agree that my dinner was made up of pancakes, OK?  No one will get hurt if we cheat a tad….

So… as mentioned, they are not the ultra thick kind…

But even better, I decided to stuff them with ham and cheese!  Let’s call it a crêpe club sandwich!

Heated on both sides so the cheese can melt and the meat warm up…..and adding a side of bacon (why not?  Is it NOT FAT Tuesday???)

Showing the layers

Showing the layers

All that was missing was a little pure Canadian maple syrup

Don't forget the maple syrup!

Don’t forget the maple syrup!

So… now that we’ve stuffed ourselves… does that mean we have to give something up for Lent?


12 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday… Why Not?

    • Ha ha! Definitely a good decision… though I’d walk a ways with you! The part on land. The ocean, you’re on your own! I haven’t yet mastered walking on water…


  1. Dale! I love, love, LOVE the new design of your blog! So much cleaner and really reflects your fun personality. Kudos on getting it done and looking great! Did you do it yourself or hire a designer? (And Zeke is bigger than you are–lol!) As for the crepes (I can’t find the little triangle either–is that a circumflex or accent grave? Or neither? I’ve forgotten my French), they look delish. My French friend (from Paris) visited us a couple of weekends ago and asked what she could bring. I said, “Nothing, but teach me how to make crepes!” It was such a fun lesson!


    • Why thank you, Madame! Did it myself. Felt the other one was fine as a “starter blog” but didn’t reflect moi at all. Took me ages to find a theme that I liked and could play with!

      Yeah he is a big one! Mick took the picture (there was a series of about 6 different shots. Had trouble choosing the “right” one! Maybe I’ll just make a small post showing ya’all the series!

      Ahhh, “l’accent circonflexe” – you need to have the French config for your keyboard – or if you use an iPad or iPhone, just hold the letter you want with the accent until the different accents appear and slide your finger over to it to choose it! I have it on my regular keyboard to the right of the “p”!

      Mind you, my crêpes are not the authentic French type – though I can make those too!


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