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Nina and Zeke at the Park

As per usual, we were out the door by about 9:00 a.m. – give or take!  As per usual, we have to decide which way to go for the walk.  I like to alternate between at least four different destinations.  I admit to not having one particular one in mind but did know we would end up at “Nina’s Park”…

We got there and Zeke’s newest little buddy was at his fence, hoping to play!  He is the cutest thing…


All of a sudden, Zeke takes off and abandons his little friend!  I figured I knew the reason for that one! Yep!  Nina was here…  We hadn’t seen her and her pet Dino in a long time so it took her a while to warm up.  She is a little skittish but Dino assures me that if she were really afraid, she would just  hightail it right back home…. and she didn’t!


She’s a funny creature, actually!  She constantly looks like she’s ready to eat him but never once snapped!

They are quite the handsome couple, don’t you think?

Quite the different running styles…

And ya gotta be on your guard, Zeke!  She’s sneaking up on you!

Friends meeting at the park!  Makes for a different kind of walk!


12 thoughts on “Nina and Zeke at the Park

  1. So beautiful together. Off topic question: one of the reasons we didn’t replace our German Shepherd with another one when she died is because, although we knew she was loving, other people were terrified of her as soon as they saw her, especially if she was off lead (though she was well trained and would heel off lead). I notice Zeke is often off lead so wondered if that is not an issue where you are?


    • Indeed they are. Look at his face! Who would be afraid of him? Though I know what you mean as our first long-haired shepherd, Chakotay, scared the bejeezus out of everyone – not that she was mean, she just had a “don’t mess with me” face!

      In all seriousness, the only time he is off lead is when we are alone in a park – and I always ensure we hit some park or another on our walks so he can run around. (It is always the case as I choose the times carefully!) I only allow him to play freely with another when I’m sure all is well.


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