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Endless Winter

So, it seems no one can get together these days without bitching about the weather and how fed up they are of the endless snow, cold and misery…

The following song, “Grounds for Violence” written by a guy from Winnipeg, Bartley Kives, recorded by Kris Ulrich and Edited by Tyler Walsh does a great job of summing it all up!  Enjoy!


Listening to this song brings me back to the fabulous days I used to work for Corby Distilleries (before they moved away to Toronto).  My departed friend and co-worker, Patricia MacNaull and I became the official “song writers” for all the initiations and other fun occasions.  We’d put new words to existing songs to personalise them.  It was a hoot and we were pretty darn good at it!

Oh I miss Pat and those days….

10 thoughts on “Endless Winter

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend, Dale. The song made me smile but it’s also a shocker! If we had to content with snow like that – and for so long – the country would come to a standstill. Surely April will being spring to you all.


    • She was quite the character! She died 13 years ago this April… time flies like crazy, doesn’t it?

      I guess we’re used to it…. though totally fed up! April better bring Spring! My birthday is in April… I don’t like snow at my birthday!


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