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A New Friend and Maybe a Bird or Two…

So now that we’re done with the neverending month that was March, bring on April, I say! (Even if it does mean I will be turning a year older…. a BIG number this time!)

But before doing so, I thought I’d share a little interesting information I caught on the news last night.  Yes, March was awful… so awful we got 28 days of temperatures below 0°C (32°F) and, 10 nights below -10°C (14°F).  No wonder we were all bitching about the endless winter!  We had good reason!

So, let us all turn the page and rejoice.  April is here!  Time to put the sheets on the line (‘coz they won’t drag in the snow any more)!  Look for robins and buds.  Can’t see them yet?  Have no fear… we’ve many days in a row scheduled for above freezing temps… no really.  They said so!  Plus, the past two days of walking have shown me some major “meltage” happening! That is definitely a good sign!


I had to choose where to walk very carefully as Zeke was going to get pretty nasty if I chose wrong!  The above was pretty much the worst of my choice…

As I had seen many birds last time we came to this park, I brought the Zoom lens… hmph!  Not too many to be seen on this day!  I just don’t understand why.  The weather was beautiful, it wasn’t too windy nor too cold… the buggers decided to make themselves scarce!

Oh well…. after taking a few wrong turns, I ended up in a nice little park with a bridge in the middle of nowhere…

IMG_1136And! We encountered a new friend for Zeke!

His name is Marley and he’s a very friendly chocolate lab.  They had a ball once we took them off their leashes!

Time to continue on our journey, our quest for birds…

Seriously.  Not an easy task!  We could hear some but they were not in the trees we were passing by!

Finally, far from a park, we encountered these…

And, I know it’s blurry…but I had to include the cardinal that mocked me all the way home!


I’m learning that it is really difficult to take a picture of a bird in a tree with a zoom lens!  Practice, practice, practice!

Yay Me!  I did my 10,000 steps on April 1st!  Woot!


Let’s just say I was quite pleased with myself!

As for today’s walk?  Not so much!

I didn’t even get half-way there…. a mere 4,661 steps.  The wind was bitter, the sun was hiding, no birds to be seen… bleak!

Crossing Teletubbie Park was no easy task, that’s for sure!  Looked like there wasn’t much snow but every few steps, down I would sink!

We basically just did a big circle and on our way back I took this bird bath in lieu of real birds and then saw this Mourning Dove.  Score!

Two houses away from ours, there was Naila, once again, looking at us walk by…



11 thoughts on “A New Friend and Maybe a Bird or Two…

  1. Ah…the sounds of Spring means Summer is coming! You’ll have to take a photo, via Zoom lens, of you in flip-flops…just so we know that you do (actually) get to enjoy summer weather. By the looks of it, Zeke takes it as it comes…..


  2. Hi Dale and thanks for “the walk” 🙂

    Your photos are wonderful and I liked the way you captured Zeke and Marley being true to their inner puppy!!

    The photo of Naila makes me wonder what he or she is thinking while looking out the window. It’s either “Why can’t I come out and play!?” or “Yes, yes, that’s right, just a few more steps and then you’ll be caught in my trap!!” Either way, it’s a beautiful photo!

    Take care Dale and enjoy the weekend 🙂 My best to all.



    • Thanks Lyle! The pictures of the pups would have been even better if I’d had my regular lens…with the zoom it was hard because they were so “close”! As for Naila, there is definitely a “wish I were there” vibe!!


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