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Well.  I was totally surprised last night by my husband, family and friends…  9 days before the actual big day, they all got together at a restaurant to await my arrival!

Big 5 - 0

Big 5 – 0

Yep… that’s correct.  I am entering a new decade.  How in the hell did that happen so fast???

Just yesterday I was 25!!!

Feeling totally blessed and loved…



16 thoughts on “Surprise!!!

  1. How did I miss this? I think my “tape gun” taped my eyes shut!! Oh…let me sing your praises…not that song that sounds, looks and hears like the Happy Birthday song…but the other one…”Wild Thing You Make My Heart Sing”….
    Happy B Missy D!


    • Oh please no! Well…. unless it includes a macro lens! hee hee hee…. But yes, they are the very best kind (I’m so gullible, this is the FOURTH time I get surprised! 25, 30, 40 and now the big 5 – 0!)


    • It truly was wonderful. I’m counting on it being more fun! (I’ll just have to make it happen.) Thanks and have a most awesome day!


  2. Félicitations! What a great joy to get older and wiser with the promise of great love, great friends, and great fun. Here’s to 50 more great years ahead of you. 🙂


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