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No Really, Spring IS Here!

All week I’ve been meaning to post.  I just didn’t seem to be able to get my thoughts in any order.  First about my official birthday and turning 50 on Monday and how I felt oh-so-blessed that the temperature reached a high of 22°C (72°F).  The sun never really showed its face but we didn’t care (OK, I didn’t care!)  Light jacket and running shoes!  Woot!

On Tuesday, the day started off rather cool-ish (though warm if we go by the previous week!) at 7°C (45°F) and got colder and windier as we walked!


After seeing proof that yes, there are buds growing, we set off.  I worried a bit… there were definite signs of rain in the sky.  We’re not wimps so we set off!

As we went on, the sky got darker and darker and by the time we turned the corner to our home, the first drops fell.  Great timing!

Once home, I downloaded my pictures and the snow began!  Really?  Really?  Mother Nature, you really need to give us a break this year!  While downloading, I could hear this really weird spring-like sound. (Imagine a cartoon and you hear the “SPROING!”)  What the hay?  It was a bird!  Every time he (she?) sang, the whole body would puff up!  So cool to be able to capture that with my zoom (thanks again, Mick!)

Woke up on Wednesday to white stuff on the ground.  Sigh…. Only Zeke was happy!


Well, no, that’s not true.  The birds were out in full force and I managed to capture these two lovers!


By Thursday, the temperature was up again and I could once more wear my running shoes (as long as I was careful where I stepped).   We turned the corner to our street and a squirrel was making such a ruckus!


It was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the birds singing, flowers are growing – not yet full blooms, but I did see colour – I was in no hurry at all.  Zeke and I walked around for two hours!  You’d think I’d have busted my 10K steps big time, no? No.  I did make it but we were definitely on a stroll and shoot pace.


Have a lovely Easter / Passover / Whatever you celebrate week-end!






4 thoughts on “No Really, Spring IS Here!

    • Thank you Joy! Originally, there was supposed to be one photo with one quote per post but frankly, I just couldn’t stop!

      I’m glad you liked my choices.


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