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Easter Get-Togethers and Things That Happen

We always try to go “up north” to Mom’s for Easter.  There was no wearing of Easter bonnets and spring dresses, this year, that’s for sure!  Despite Easter being very late this year, there is still snow up in the Laurentians.

Still snow...

Still snow…

Before the rest of the brood arrived (we got there a day early), Hubby decided to brush Zeke.  It had been such a long time, the mound of hair looked like a small furry animal!

The rest arrived in the afternoon on Sunday.  It was such a gorgeous day and we were able to sit outside with only light jackets.  It’s a chance for the sisters, in-laws and cousins to all get together in one place (we can be a large crowd, ya know… 14 covers just the three sisters, husbands and kids!)  add in parents, girl/boyfriends, adoptees and any other cousins who just “happen to be in the ‘hood and the numbers go up!  This time we were a mere 18…

The cousins horsed around, teasing each other, climbed trees and whatnot.  It’s always nice to see them all get along despite the varied ages (from 11 to 21).  Not sure what they were lined up for…. maybe best not to know!

All was great, beers were being consumed, as well as chips and salsa, just hanging around enjoying the sun when we had an incident.  My cousin was also in town with his Rottweiler, Jack.  A good-natured dog around people and usually OK with other dogs, as long as they are female or neutered males.  They got to know each other, sniff each other out and all was well.  There was some tension in the air so the cousin held onto Jack just in case.  Before we knew it, he snapped at Zeke and dinged him on the nose.  We didn’t even realise Zeke had been hurt as he didn’t say a word.  It’s only after all had calmed down that we noticed the blood.

No real harm was done, just a little lifting of the skin.  It’ll give him character!

Inside we went for our annual Easter Ham meal that ended with a “Pouding au Chômeur” (a Brown sugar cake).  Bellies full, half sat down to play cards, the other to watch the first period of the hockey playoffs…

GO! HABS! GO!  (They won, 3-2)

19 thoughts on “Easter Get-Togethers and Things That Happen

  1. This sounds like great fun, Dale, everyone getting together for Easter. Except for the dog encounter event, it looked wonderful. Love the photos — really adds to the story.


    • It was indeed Pat! I would have included some photos of family members but didn’t feel like waiting for them to come home to give the OK! Thank you!


      • They were perfect. Everyone looked like they were having such a good time. It must be special to be able to look forward to getting together like that every year.


        • We are a loud bunch who truly love to get together. We’re trying to convince my aunt to have another mechoui this summer as cousins from far and away, 2nd 3rd generations get together for a week-end. We set up campers and tents and raise hell. It’s great when you live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours to disturb!


  2. Poor Zeke. It sounds like a lovely weekend for you and your family. Here we had summer-like weather so we decided to pass on a cooked meal and took to the outdoors with sandwiches in the sun.


    • He’ll survive with battle scars! I saw that in your post! Great idea to get out there an enjoy it (plus avoid the big cooking job). Today is a horrid, grey, drab, rainy day but that’s all good as it will melt the leftover snow (you know, for the poor folks not living on the sunny side of the street!) April showers and all that… 😀


        • Oh Lois, I so hear you! This year has been particularly brutal, don’t you think? Just this morning I still saw some! Ugh! Away, ye white stuff of the cold! Bring on the daisies, the sunflowers, the warmed-by-the-sun fresh tomatoes! Oh wait, I’m a little too excited now!

          OK… Bring on the tulips, the daffodils, the crocus!


          • It’s really late for us too! I have yet to see a daffodil or a tulip but the crocus and the grape hyacinths have been officially seen!


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