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Oh Happy Day

Not that I’m religious or anything (and I don’t have anything against anyone who is) but as I was walking in today’s sunshine, I kept singing Oh Happy Day!  Well, I couldn’t sing much of it besides the title as I don’t even know the words but I sure did have the tune in my head!


The day was clear, the sun was high, the heat was… well, the heat was nowhere to be found!  I was texting back and forth with my cousin and finally had to tell her that was it.  My fingers were frozen!

That said, there was a definite spring in my step and in Zeke’s too!  We ended up walking around for a good two hours. (How in the hell did I NOT get my 10,000 steps in? Whatever.)  I knew I had a tonne of work waiting for me at home so I wanted to get in as much fresh air as possible.



We decided to go way to the other side where there is park after park and pathway after pathway.  They wind and connect and bring you to all sorts of places. I am so happy to have discovered just how much Boucherville takes care of its pedestrians!

And to finally see proof that there is growth!


On our way back towards home, I could not help but notice this poor birdhouse all askance.  Wonder if it gets any visitors willing to risk sliding right out?


And then. Oh joy! What do I spy but a beautiful Mallard, enjoying a little pond in a park.  He just sat there, allowing me to get closer and closer and snap away.  Wasn’t easy holding Zeke back but I did manage a few nice clicks.  So, so, so pleased am I!  The satisfaction I felt is probably a tad over-exaggerated but there it is.  I accept it.  I embrace it.  And, I share it!

Oh happy day!

17 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

  1. Oh happy day to you, too, Dale. I can share your joy of being outside breathing in the fresh spring air, though still on the cool side. It’s warming up a bit here in the Rockies but may have a bit of rain or snow come in on Sunday. Have a great weekend.


    • They are calling for rain this week-end here too. Bummer! I wanted to work in the garden and can’t today as I’m busy making a cake and cupcakes for a client… Oh well, we’ll still enjoy the fact that snow is almost a thing of the past! (Only places with some are where it has been piled to clear parking lots!) You too, have a most marvelous week-end!


      • It’s been cool and cloudy this weekend and the temperatures dipped into the 40’s. Looked like it wanted to snow but settled for just a little moisture in the air.

        I know what you mean about wanting to get out and work in the yard. I managed one day to rake up some pine needles and clear out old leaves under the lilacs and prune them some.

        Hope your cake and cupcakes were good. Nothing like baking smells coming from the kitchen when it cool outside.


        • Oh I hear you. It rained pretty much all week-end. All sunshine now, though! Zeke is looking at me and “talking” to me to go for his walk. We will definitely do that and upon my return, back to the garden, I go! More clearing out and hopefully I’ll be able to plant “cool weather plants” like radishes and onions!

          As for the cake and cupcakes, I was advised by the receiving end that they were delicious! Woot! Have a beautiful day, Pat!


          • Same here, Dale, finally got some sunshine going on, though the temps are real cool and we got wind. Typical wintry/spring weather where it can’t make up its mind. It’s all good and hope to get out when it warms up.

            Cake and cupcakes sounded yummy and probably didn’t last long. Take care and Happy Monday, my friend! 🙂


    • I was very pleased. When I spotted him, the leash went on immediately and I’m extremely lucky that Zeke is not a barker at all (he only barks when we tell him to “speak”!)


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