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Left-Overs and Other Things That Caught My Eye

Another day of sunshine ahead.  Woot!  Too bad I have to spend most of it indoors fulfilling a client’s order.  Pictures will follow shortly, I assure you.

So, I decided to go through my last week or so’s pictures to share with you the things that caught my eye – and this includes “Left-overs”!  What do I mean by “Left-overs”?  Christmas decorations that are still out and about!!!  Some people just don’t want to let go of the Christmas spirit.  Or, are really lazy. Or, are waiting for someone else in the house to take care of them.  Whatever the reason, ’tis funny to see these still up when there is no snow (or almost no snow) on the ground!  And it’s April. The 25th.  Exactly four months since Christmas Day. Just sayin’.

Funny and cute and I could have put quite a few more…

When walking around with my camera, it opens my eyes to my surroundings.  Sure, I’m often looking for birds and all sorts of fauna but it’s the other things that I probably would not have taken the time to even see…

A family of shovels,


Shovel Family


A garden of pails,

Paint can garden

Paint can garden

Walls and fences and scary hedges,

Places to climb and places to “restes”!

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8 thoughts on “Left-Overs and Other Things That Caught My Eye

  1. Love the Christmas decorations, Dale. They remind me of a very community -oriented woman I once knew. She always seemed to have time for everyone and was prepared to muck in where others slunk into the shadows. I was in her house one August day and there was her Christmas tree fully decorated in the sitting room. Obviously she hadn;t had time to take it down or saw it as unnecessary (as it would be going up again shortly!)


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