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It’s Here, It’s Finally Here!

I came home from my morning walk, all gung-ho to write a totally different post but saw the package and knew what it had to be!  And that I had to write something totally different.

Let me explain….

Way back in January, the lovely Janet Rörschåch, posted a picture of herself wearing a fabulous crown that she created.  I cannot remember exactly what I said and her blog is now protected, but I know I said something about how lovely it was and next thing I know, she’s asking me for my address so that I may have my very own crown for my big Five-Oh birthday.

Thanks to  Snail Mail and all that, it arrived today, exactly two weeks after my birthday.   The date matters naught; what does matter is just how much joy it brought me!  I was pleasantly surprised to also find a journal in the bottom of the box with a lovely note from Janet and the following rules to the Birthday Crown

1.  It is fragile, so be a tad careful (indeed it is, I reattached a few ribbons!)

2. Please take a photo


3. Please share something of yourself in the book

4. Find the next person to send the crown to. No special reason needed.

5. Smile! Someone knows you  are special enough  to wear something whimsical and beautiful.


I cannot tell you in mere words how happy this made me –  too excited to bother putting make-up on so you’ve got me “au naturel”!

Thank you, Janet!

You have made my day a most wonderful and memorable one through your gift.

And now to figure out who will be next…





8 thoughts on “It’s Here, It’s Finally Here!

  1. Dale–You look gorgeous. So happy to know that the crown helped make this birthday special. Pleased, pleased, pleased. Yes, indeed!

    Love the photo. Hopefully, someday in the future, I’ll get the journal back, and I’ll see all the smiling faces, and the read everyone’s story. Pure joy.

    I went ahead and made my site accessible to people again. Not much going on except knitting up a storm. Have a beautiful day.


    • Ah Janet! You are kind indeed! And I’m as pleased as you! Wouldn’t that be just so grand? Maybe we’ll add a note stating that once the journal is full, they must send it back to you! Knitting, eh? Nice! And thanks for making your site accessible again! I will have a beautiful day and wish the same for you! Mouah! xoxo


    • It’s crazy how happy it made me. For someone I only know through the blogging world to take the time to make and send me such a gift was truly touching. I was am chuffed!


  2. It is the unexpected gift, the smile as you let somebody in in traffic, the smile from the person in the queue with you that makes life special. Why? Because it is proof that we do care, we do listen and we do think about other people. And the more of these gifts we recieve the more we give back. Pay it forward/RAK/ARK call it what you will. I call it humanity. Enjoy your wonderful crown, it reminds me of the wedding crown I wore, my mother made it based on my Finnish grandmother’s wedding crown.


    • You are absolutely right, Gillie! It’s the little and not-so-little things! It just makes the world that much more wonderful (and I’m actually one of those who think there is more good than bad out there) and, as you said, more human.
      I will enjoy it indeed and will pass it on with great joy. I only hope each recipient feels the same way!


  3. You look thrilled, beautiful, happy! The gift you received is priceless, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving, Dale. Enjoy it, wear it proudly, and enjoy the moment. Blessings to you….


    • Thank you, Theresa… I may look a bit more like a jester as the points are all floppy (but it kinda goes with my personality so…) and I was am totally thrilled. I’m amased by how many people told me to NOT send them the crown! No worries, I know who thinks this is silly and who would appreciate it…


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