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Gratitude Sunday, May 4, 2014

I’ve decided to start a new series – not to be like everyone else, but to give myself the motivation to be a tad more, organised, committed (not the locked-up kind!)  I’ve been a bit irregular in posting and I want to give it a try to see if I will be motivated enough to keep it up!

This afternoon, as my poor hubby was ripping out the wall and carpet to determine just how bad the damage from the leaky pipe was, I was doing the dishes and watching the last half-hour of Oprah with Eckert Tolle, discussing chapter 7 of his book A New Earth and this programme was followed by Life Story Project (Damn!  Wish I’d thought of such a project!) – I only watched the first fifteen minutes or so but I was filled with warmth and emotion – yeah, I’m quite the mushy wuss at times!  It got me to thinking (yes, this could be dangerous!) and I suddenly felt the urge to start my own project of sorts.

I already write five things I’m grateful for every night before I go to bed.  Yes, there are nights where I’m just grateful that I remembered to set the coffee machine to start just before I wake up!  There are others where I’m grateful for bigger things such as being able to call up my sisters or mother to just say “hello” and knowing that if I need them – for anything – they will be there as soon as they can.

I have chosen Sunday for this project because it is the start of a new week whilst being the ending of another.  A bridge of sorts filled with nothing but positive.  Win-Win!  There will be no set number of things and I’m sure the list will be longer on some and shorter on others.  The important thing is, to take the time to truly appreciate what I have.


Today’s list is, in absolutely no order of importance, the following:

  1. Having a handyman for a husband who can fix leaks and breaks and whatever else needs fixing in this house, saving us the cost of hiring a professional.

  2. Being able to walk my dog every day, camera in hand, which opens my eyes to my surroundings and helps me discover my hometown.

  3. Being able to go out with friends by myself, knowing there is trust and no jealousy awaiting me when I return.

  4. Having a good set of friends that we meet with regularly and truly enjoy.

  5. The friendships that have been formed in this world of blogging.



27 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday, May 4, 2014

  1. What a great list and goal. I have lots to be grateful for too. Weekends are my favorite as there is usually ample time to enjoy nature with family, friends, and doggies :).


  2. That is one great list, Dale. While I don’t write things down, I am working on being more aware of when my thoughts turn negative or worrisome. I am sometimes a worrywart, so I have to keep that in check. There is actually a sticky note on my bathroom mirror that says, “There is nothing to worry about.”

    I love how you made your list public because it’s reminding me to “keep it light” on Sunday night which tends to be a night where I start to worry. I think of it like a mild form of PTSD from when I worked 60 hours a week and had a to-do list left over from the previous week.

    What a great post for a Sunday! Happy start-to-your week!


    • Thanks Tammy! I had found I was allowing negative thoughts to creep in and stay around too long.

      Excellent! I am happy I have helped you to keep it light! I think that form of PTSD is way more popular than it should be… We are all so busy with too many things to do/worry about that if we can just take a moment to be in the present and feel good about it, then it should help us feel a tad less stressed.

      Have an excellent week you too!


  3. Gratitude is almost a ‘skill’ I find. Although it is felt with the heart, I believe the more we practice it, the better we become at it 😉 Thank you for sharing your list, oh, and that champagne! 😉 cheers to gratitude!


    • I agree. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for years; in the beginning I’d be “good” for a period of time, then it really became a habit I do not wish to break! Yes, champagne! My girlfriend and I were celebrating my birthday (I was rather spoilt this year!) and I felt it was the perfect pic!


    • Now I am smiling! I wanted to send you a “bon voyage” note then realised I had probably missed your departure! Enjoy yourself immensely! xoxo


    • Thanks Joy, me too I’m thankful for your arrival in my life!
      As for the handyman…thank goodness. We’ve a situation here that he can take care of!


  4. I am a big fan of this project, Dale! Gratitude is so transformational, no matter which way you approach it. I for one am very grateful to have ‘met’ you through Joy and blogging, and for all of the sweet, thoughtful comments you leave on my blog : ) Thank YOU!!!


    • So happy to hear that, Carlynn! It is indeed – it changes your perspective. I find my patience level has increased dramatically (or is that because I’ve reached the age of 50!) I am very happy to have met you through this blogosphere as well! Thank YOU for sharing your world and participating in mine.


  5. I love this idea Dale. Indeed, there are so many things to be grateful for every day and many of us rush through this life barely noticing all of the good, but never missing what isn’t working quite as planned. Good for you and thanks for the inspiration.


    • Thanks, Nancy. Happy to inspire! It’s so true; we are too often hardwired to focus on the negative (I had to “flush” a FB friend because I just couldn’t take his negativity any more. Wasn’t easy but I just had to do it!) and making an effort to be grateful for the little things makes such a difference.


    • You know, Lois, it’s when you look around that you see how good you’ve got it! This was definitely the cast this past week!


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  8. I love this. I try very hard to openly share my gratitude with those that make my life better. I think it is an excellent idea to publish your list, it means you have something to remind you when you’re chips are down.


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