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Gratitude Sunday – May 11, 2014

My new Gratitude Project is on week two.  As mentioned on the first one, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for many years of the big and little things I am grateful for.  This project is to kick it up a notch!

This Sunday is special as it is Mother’s Day (well, here in the North America, anyway).  I originally planned on focusing my list on all things Mother but cannot as we had quite a fright two nights ago and, after having the bejeezus scared out of us, the gratitude came in – big time!

At 3:00 a.m. on Friday, we awoke to a strange smell.  We looked all over the house to finally step outside; hubby through the front, me, the back.  I saw an orange glow and continued ’round to the side to find our garbage bin on fire!  The flames were quite impressive.  A quick call out to hubs and between the two of us: barefoot and in our skivvies, we put out the fire; a bucket each in hand, back and forth to the pool, to the fire!  Half-hour later, we were pretty sure the fire was fully out.  We went back for a restless sleep.

Just before 7:00 a.m. our doorbell was frantically pushed.  Once again, up I jumped up and ran downstairs.  A good Samaritan was walking his dog and noticed we had a fire on the side of our house!  I guess we did not do as good a job as we had thought.  After thanking the gentleman profusely, we quickly put out the fire “for realz”!

Gratitude List

  1. I am so grateful for my nose.  If it weren’t so sensitive, I wouldn’t have smelt the fire burning on the side of our house!

  2. For the positioning of our pool and that it was full of water.

  3. Mom. Without you, I wouldn’t be here!

  4. Sunshine!  It makes everyone so much happier.

  5. On my walks with Zeke, I have met quite a few friendly folks who stop and chat.  So nice.

  6. Getting a few contracts, in both of my loves: food and words


12 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – May 11, 2014

  1. Ah shucks! Thanks!
    And Happy Mum’s Day to you, too, my lovely friend! I must thank your mother for bringing you into the world too!!
    xoxo D


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