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Gratitude Sunday – May 18, 2014

Apologies for my tardiness!  I went camping this week-end and thought I could write to my heart’s content and post at will.  Not.  The WiFi was next to nil so …

…So, being a holiday Monday, let’s just pretend it’s Sunday, okay?  😀

It’s been quite a week, I tell you.  It started off with a most difficult bang:  finding out a fellow karateka we truly enjoyed chose to end his life.  He was a mere 40 years old.  I was in a tailspin all day Monday and just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Unfortunately hubby and I could not attend the funeral but our hearts were there, that’s for sure.

 Gratitude List

  1. I was able to take a picture of a woodpecker, who just continued with his business while I clicked away!  (Unfortunately, the time it took me to go back and get my zoom lens, he was gone; but still!)

  2. I feel I am well surrounded by family and friends who would be there in my time of need.  That I would not find myself in a desperate state.

  3. We now have a trailer instead of a tent because when the rain came down on Friday, we remained dry!

  4. I have so many parks and pathways and roads to take on my walks with Zeke – even if it does mean he ends up head-first in the river!

  5. My teenagers still enjoy spending time with us, camping, walking, talking.  I cherish each and every moment they give me.

  6. I was able to take the time to just read.  No other obligations or duties interfered all week-end!



4 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday – May 18, 2014

  1. So sorry to hear about your fellow karateka. It’s not easy to wrap your head around something like that. But happy to hear that you had a great time camping with your family. Zeke is of course adorable when he is wet too. He looks like Ms. Sierra when she is wet. Although Ms. Sierra would never volunteer to dive into a stream. The other two in my crew will though. BTW, woodpeckers are hard to catch on camera in my opinion, so good job even though you could not get your zoom lens out in time.


    • It was a tough one indeed.
      It was great to get away for 3 days with family and friends!
      Crazy dog! If you had seen his face when he went in head-first! So funny. He was ready to do it again! I think in another life he was a Labrador (or any other water dog!)
      Well, thanks for saying that. I was amazed that the woodpecker just remained there while I took a picture! I was quite pleased indeed!


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