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Most Scented, Flowery Day(s)

Today, my aim is to overload your visual senses (you’ll just have to use your imagination or your memory for the olfactory ones)!  After having biked with Mick for 45 minutes yesterday and over an hour today, and after having made the boys’ lunches (I really do have to start making them the night before – yes, I know, they could make their own but I enjoy ensuring what they eat for lunch contains some fruit and veg!) I then walked the Zeke-meister – did my 10k+ steps yesterday but only made it to 9k today – fear of rain, to tell the truth.  The flowering trees and bushes were just ahhhh-ma-zing! The scents were intoxicating.  Beautiful.  I am far from a connoisseur of flora.  Truth be told, I know nothing but the basics – tulips, daisies, magnolia (because I SO want one), maple, lilac… you get the point.  Here are some bleeding hearts, tulips, magnolias, dandelion and other weeds… as for the rest, I’ve no clue!  But do enjoy, please!

So, without further ado…

The dark pinks

The yellows

The purples

The whites

The soft pinks

As the rain falls in my neck of the woods, nourishing my freshly planted garden, I can smile as I had time to capture these beauties….

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