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Last Day of May…Already

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Is it my imagination or did this month just fly by?  Or maybe, as I get older the words of Andy Rooney become more and more true!



The garden is planted and already needs weeding (!).

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The lilacs have bloomed.  We planted this lilac tree last year and I never expected to get over six blooms!



The azaleas have come and gone – their presence is so fleeting, isn’t it?

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We had our first camping trip…. in the mud and rain but still managed to have a most excellent time!

The first anniversary of losing Dad…

Happy place

Happy place

And I was even treated to a spa!  What a great month!


Come tomorrow, we are officially in June! Let us hope it is nothing like last year as it was bloody cold!

Bring it on!


23 thoughts on “Last Day of May…Already

  1. Same here, Dale. What happened to May? It looks like it was pretty busy for you. Enjoyed seeing all your flowers. It’s hard to believe yours are in full bloom or finishing up already. Our plants and trees have finally leafed out. But, then, it’s been a cooler, rainy (occasional snow) spring this year and things are just getting a kick start.

    Hope June is just as fun and lovely for you, Dale. 🙂


    • It’s crazy, Pat. Flew by (maybe because I did seem pretty busy!) They went from non-existent to full bloom really fast. I think your neck of the woods is actually colder than ours! Mind you, our winters are cold and our summers are bloody hot and humid. I can guarantee you there will be complaints soon about the heat!

      Thank you and for you as well! 😀


      • Maybe, a bit colder than yours, Dale, but only because of the elevation (8,500′ up here in the mountains). It’s much dryer and doesn’t feel the same, hot or cold, as you guys back there in the humidity. Either way, I’m soooo glad to see flowers blooming and trees leafing out. Take care and have a great June until we talk again. 🙂


  2. May did come and go quickly. You had a great month from the pictures you shared. Our gardens are just getting started, peas and carrots are coming up nicely and this week I will get the rest of the seeds and plants in. I love your lilac, today I was given a gift of ten cuttings from a lilac tree for my field. 😉


    • It did indeed! Me too my peas are coming up. My son took over the garden with his hot peppers… no carrots this year, I fear!
      At my old house I had this beautiful mega lilac tree. I missed it so much, we bought this little one last year. Aren’t they just the best smell of spring?


      • Dale, I’m not one for hot peppers so I’d rather have the carrots. 🙂

        Yes, I love lilac trees. I now have 10 started in the field and can’t wait for them to bloom.


        • Me neither! But he is interested in making hot sauces and chili powders and if I can encourage him to do something good well then… 😀
          10 lilacs will be so lovely….


          • I agree with you Dale, I do everything I can to encourage the children to be active in the gardens. The little ones won’t eat tomatoes but when I told them I could make ketchup from tomatoes they wanted to grow them in their garden and help me with the ketchup. 😉


          • Ha ha! That is so funny Lois! My youngest cannot stand tomatoes (they make him gag) – he regularly tries them but to no avail. Ketchup, however, is not problemo!


          • Which is crazy. My son is the same. Mind you, on pasta, there better not be chunks that are too big! They all end up on the side of his plate. He’s 14. Think he’ll ever outgrow it? Probably not, I’ve a friend who doesn’t “do” tomatoes either!


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