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Sunday Gratitude – June 15, 2014

We’re trying to get back on the morning biking but have not succeeded that well!  We were all gung-ho to start up again then it rained, then we went to bed too late, then Mick had a too-early appointment, then…. You get the picture!  It’s like self-sabotage.  We are climbing Mount Washington during the July 7-11th getaway and wanted to up our physical endurance.  Sometimes it’s better to just go with the flow!

That said, today is Father’s Day and, though my Dad is no longer with us, he is definitely on my mind.

Hubs is a dad so we do have something to celebrate! And we will, even more so, as soon as Iain gets home from his end-of-Cadet-season camping trip in Ottawa).

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Gratitude List

  1. My son called out a “luv ya” on his way out before I did!  Woot!  Normally I’ll shout it out ahs they leave and they’ll answer with a “me too” but Iain actually said it first!

  2. Iain got his first part-time job.  Can anyone say “excited”?  He is beyond happy that he got it all on his own too.

  3. I finally cleared out the front yard, most especially under the blue spruce (that has been driving me nuts forever).  Backbreaking, yet fulfilling work!

  4. Mick – though he is not perfect (nor am I!), he IS a great dad to his boys Iain and Aidan, whom he loves beyond belief.

  5. That my muscles ache from Saturday’s work… I like when I can feel my muscles; it’s proof they were used!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Gratitude – June 15, 2014

    • It’s ridiculous. That said, I am proud to say that Mick and I biked for 20 km (12 or so miles) this morning! Then, after sending off my eldest for his before-last exam and my hubby, I left the “baby” to sleep and took Zeke on a almost two-hour walk (just managing to achieve my 10,000 steps! – almost 8 km (5 mi)) Woot!


  1. We usually walk 3 miles 3-4 times per week, but as the summer heat and humidity becomes more oppressive, we have certainly slacked off. The secret is to get our butts up and out before it gets too hot, but we have settled into the habit of coffee, paper, breakfast then walk, and that makes it too late for comfort! Time to reset our morning routine! Thanks for the inspiration!


    • I totally hear you! That’s one of the reasons we leave at 5:00 am – to avoid the heat and to allow Mick to get to work early. Plus, I have to add the walk for Zeke as soon as I get back because leaving the house at 8:30 is way too late. Poor guy was dying of heat! Any time! 😉


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