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Midwife of Meaning

For all of you in the “Autumn of your life”, and even younger. This is just so beautifully written. Enjoy.

Soul Gatherings

O Midwife of Meaning,
tend me with Your loving presence,
Your gentle heart, Your capable hands.

I am pregnant with possibilities as I enter the autumn of my life
with the hope that I might experience the crisp leaves of scarlet and bronze,
of orange and gold, at least once more before the seasons change.

I am pregnant with the faith that I shall be given warmth and shelter in the coming winter,
along with a peaceful understanding of what this time of life brings.

I am pregnant with a seed, a thought, a whisper, a promise,
that I shall become more real as I become more worn;
that I shall become more true as I become more real.

The contractions of my womb produce an authentic me,
my soul shining bright amid the ravages of age.

O Midwife of Meaning, I am pregnant with Divinity.
Allow me to birth…

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