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Making Rainbows of Daisies

I follow this lovely Canadian blog called Twig and Toadstool, written by a duo named Maureen and Shanti, each of whom has two young daughters.  They are two very crafty ladies who create all sorts of cool things to eat and make.  With each post I am inspired!

I will definitely be trying their pressed flower mobile (already bought the outdoor Mod Podge for it!) and absolutely had to try one of their most recent projects:  Rainbow Daisies.  First, because they are one of my favourite flowers and second, because this looked so cool!

Well, I don’t have the excuse of having any daughters (though I did try three times!) but my teenage boys thought it was pretty cool anyway.  Deep down, I just wanted to please my girlie self!

While walking Zeke in the early evening, I saw some wild daisies.  They were not the biggest nor the most robust but I thought it would still be fun to try this trick.

So, being a cake maker, I did not lack for food colour gels.  They do suggest to use the liquid food colouring but the only one I had in liquid form was the blue (which, by the way, gave the best result!)  They say to put 10-20 drops of food colouring in a small glass – such as a tall shot glass – but I only put in about 7 (‘coz I didn’t remember how much to put and I didn’t go back to check)!  When it came to the gels, I added a reasonable “clump”.  Next time I will definitely use  more!


Night before:

Waiting for magic

Waiting for magic

And when I woke up the next morning, this is what I got!


So, next time I try this (maybe for a dinner party centre piece…. I will use more food colouring and bigger, more robust daisies!  Definitely a fun project to try with your young-uns or … not!


8 thoughts on “Making Rainbows of Daisies

    • It’s so crazy. If I had put the proper amount (read double!) the rest of the petals would have been darker. I kinda like how the tips are emphasized though. I don’t understand at all either! Totally cool.


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